Monday, October 23, 2006

Scent of the Day - Monday - 10/23/06

Today I'm wearing my new Fragonard Eclat, What are you wearing?

Did a little shopping and sniffing at the Saks Friends & Family discount event this weekend. How could I pass up 20% off fragrances & make up? I had to shop!

Things I tried:
New Stella in Two - the peony was a little to sharp for me.
But I loved the adorable amber solid. Too cute!!
Ferragamo F - no lasting impression, just didn't like.
Donna Karan Gold - still undecided on this one. There is quite a difference in the EDT and the EDP. The EDP has a lot more amber.
Limited Edition Annick Goutal Violet - just an ok violet.
Jo Malone Blue Agave & Cacao - I liked this best of all the new ones I tried, but not sure I love enough to buy. I hesitated. It is nice, different, powdery. I need to try again when I'm not so overloaded.

Things I bought:
Stella In Two Amber solid compact
Marc Jacobs Amber
2 Viktor & Rolf Antidote (One to share for me and a friend, one for a X-mas gift)
Lancome Melle Rose set w/candle
La Mer Powder
Some other cosmetics and some Guerlain Makeup and cream & lipstick.

Speaking of Guerlain, I had a nice conversation with the SA about Guerlain. She said that next year my Saks is going to remodel and they are considering putting in a Guerlain Boutique!!! Wow! That would be #3 in the USA and I would have sniffing privileges to the exclusive range right at my doorstep! Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one!! Although I heard another rumor that the next Guerlain Boutique is headed for Florida! (shhhh!)


greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria...happy Monday! Sounds like you had a very nice weekend. :)
Today I'm wearing Chanel Allure Sensuelle...pretty, warm, spicy.

Have a lovely day, all!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, thanks for the fun recap and congrats and enjoy your new treats! I'm wearing Patou Sublime today, one of my all time favorites.
Enjoy your day! Best to all,

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Wow 2 Sounds like you had an enjoyable Saks trip ! I had a Nordstrom's shopping trip. Bought new Guerlain meterorites Holiday color w brush, new Kiss Kiss lipstick )framboise something). I love La mer foundatio and treatment. I'm using Cle de Peu creme base alternating w La Mer. Beautiful ! How do you like the powder dear Vic ?
The only Jo Malone I like is Amber and Lavander.will check out this new one. I adore violet scents. Sometimes Annick Goutal can be too transparent and undefined. Will check that one out when I go into the city. October 28 th is my birthday... So I now have an excuse to get myself something. I'm bonding with Guerlain Insolence all of a sudden. can't seem to get it out of my head .. I love real perfume and body powder. (I'm a true gitl !) I saw Insolent has one 1/4 ounce size hmmm. Also will be receiving a sample pack from Karl @ Aedes Venustades in NY. will be curious to check those out . Vic. I always loved solid perfume. something so ap[pealing about putting it on pulsepoimts. I know Hermes has one for Hermes Rouge for $65. Also Fagonarrd .. Habanita etc has solids (remember Habanita & Molinard ) ? Enjoy your new treasures dear Vic. Maybe senme a photo opf yourself with the Guerlain face creme and La Mer products so I can see how beautiful you look !
Happy Monday !
Hi Chaya !
Madelyn E

anna said...

Hi, Vic,
Enjoy your day and your weekend sounds so wonderful.
Emily the sa from NM , sent to me a sample of roberto cavalli , so be it i will give it a try.
She also mention she has a sample of the new Tom Ford perfume..she said is spicy. I will give it a try also. The Tom Ford perfume might be in my future. I do agree with Tom in the fact that yes!!! perfume is a lot easier to do than designing clothes, Way easier...clothes designs are so short lived.

Jennifer said...

I really do have to try the edp version of Gold now.

Victoria said...

Hi Greeneyes, yes a fun shopping day on Sat, then I want back on Sunday!!

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, I think you would like the amber solid, it's less sweet and a bit more medicinal, more your taste. :O) I don't know if I would have bought it without the discount. I was caught up in the moment and the cute packaging. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, yes I saw that gogeous Metorites packaging, but the color is wrong for my skin, I am very cool and fair.

I have been using the La Mer foundation, I don't relly like the treatment cream. But supposedly the foundation also has some of the treatment in there. The Powder is heavenly, so fine with tiny, tiny sparkles. (only in the translucent shade)

I bought the Insolence Lotion, I'm loving it. :O) I would love to try the parfum. I say go for it on your birthday!! :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Anna, yes, looking forward to the Tom Ford. He has done well so far. :O)u

Victoria said...

Hi Jennifer,
Yes, do try the EDP, I was surprised at the difference.

chaya ruchama said...

Today is Cuir Ottoman day...

There are so many irises out there, but this is truly beautiful, subtle, smoky.

There are some similarities to Dzongkha, but the blending and quality of ingredients I think are more refined, not as many rough edges.
One can also see brief commonalities w / Cuir Amethyst, but The CA has a more violetty, sweet quality, is not smoky, and is more creamy-
CO feels almost velvety in the drydown.

I think we're seeing a pattern here- everyone is getting on the iris/violet bandwagon.

If you look back at the notes of many releases, and those presently being released- it looks like "the next big thing"...

I cite Orris Noir, Iris Nobile, Dzongkha, Paprika Brasil, Cuir Ottoman, Violet Empire,Cuir Amethyst, Insolence,Iris Poudre, et al.
I'm tired and not thinking as clearly as I would like, but I'm certain many more come to mind.

I hope we won't weary of this note, as we have of "aquatic" notes [remember the Motu/ Miyake craze?], grapefruit in everything, etc.

Hello to all you lovely smellers out there !

Sounds like your w/e was a blast ,dear V...

Shannon said...

I'm wearing L'Instant today. The cool weather brings out the honey notes on my skin.

Sounds like a fun time shopping at Saks. They closed the nearest one to me (the Kansas City store) last year. :( Even that wasn't close, about a 4 hour drive! enjoy your purchases!