Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Eclat - Fragonard - Review

From Fragonard's Les Naturelles collection, comes the newest fragrance: Eclat. Eclat was a wonderful surprise, as welcoming and comfortable as a familiar friend. Think L'Instant meets Dior Addict with out the plastic. Gardenia not magnolia, powdery and sweet, feminine and comforting. I knew immediately when I smelled it, I had to own it. No thinking, pondering, considering. A good choice; I have received two compliments on it already. :O)

Really a lovely, elegantly simple bottle. Thoughtful with a combined spray and screw off top. A nice size at a fair price, who said French perfumes are all overpriced and pretentious? Fragonard has been making quality parfums in Grasse since 1926.

Notes: Bergamot, lemon, freesia, frangipani, gardenia, vanilla and marshmallow

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ladyjicky said...

Hello Victoria, hope I find you well.
I love Fragonard and I think they are real value for money!!
Wearing Jicky today.

Flora said...

I have always loved the Fragonards, and yes, the prices are often much lower than other lines. I have no idea why considering their high quality, but who am I to question? :-)

I had one of theirs once that was quite unusual - they sold some fragrances that were actually the bases for other more well-known fragrances for other houses, sort of templates for the perfume industry. Mine was the base for Ma Griffe and I just loved it. Elegant, feminine and not as sharp as its final version.

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria, I visited Fragonard ,Nolinard and Galinard when /i was in Grasse in 1990 . Simply fabulous - such pure scents abound there - in that nagical Eden of Perfume . I will be esconced. enveloped in my new acquisition : Insolent parfum - (yup I did it-$125. ) and the Insolent Gift set .. I am nuts. but will be enjoying my birthday gift -- to myself !
Enjoy your Eclat ! Hi to Chaya !
Madelyn E

chaya ruchama said...

Hello, friends-

Love Jicky, Ma Griffe...
Hello, Madelyn- enjoy your b-day presents !

I, too, loved the town of Grasse, and spent a long time there - the Fragonard perfumery is quite something.

Question , V-
The Eclat notes sound pretty, but exceptionally sweet- is that so, upon wearing?
I haven't smelt this one yet.

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya, well sweet is subjective I suppose. It is sweet but not candy sweet. It is more of a floral sweetness after the opening. It is sweet in the way that L'Instant is sweet. :O)