Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dianthus - Etro - Review

Dianthus is the scientific name for carnation; for those of you that didn't know. This new EDT is the first release by Etro specifically intended for a woman rather than to be a shared fragrance. Those of you who love carnation will surely want to own this one. Isn't the bottle pretty?

This fragrance has the Etro quality to it and a somewhat light and watery feel. Being only mildly spicy, a clean soapiness prevails. I did catch a few wafts of it through the morning even though it does settle in pretty close to the skin. Not particularly long lasting but then it's an EDT and some may like the softer approach that this fragrance lends.

I was really quite enjoying it until I put on my CdG Red Carnation for a side by side testing. CdG is way more spicy and cinnamon hot, leaving poor Etro to fade by comparison. Yet this on its own it is a perfectly nice carnation, pleasant enough to be enjoyable for any carnation lover.

Notes: Carnation, orange, geranium, rose, clove, ginger, red pepper, Atlas cedarwood, musk and vanilla

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besotted said...

Vic, thanks for the great review. That bottle is so lovely! I like spicy, clovey carnation like Bellodgia and Coup de Fouet, but this one sounds worth sniffing for sure.

chaya ruchama said...

Souds good, but perhaps not a "must-have" at present...
Thank you for doing the hard part for the rest of us, you dutiful soul !


Madelyn E said...

Hi Victoria,
What a lovely review. This Dianthus has caught my eye - beacause I rather like carnation as a note such as L'air Du Temps, Caron's Fleurs De Rocaille , Bellodgida etc. Yes, he bottle is soo pretty . Where in the NY area may I get it .. do you know ?
I enjpy occasional unisex scents ie . Hermes Jardin Sur Le Nil and L'eau D'orange Vert . Love to feel like a woman !

Flor said...

The bottle is amazing! It sounds like a beautiful picnic day perfume.

anna said...

Thanks for the great review.
Golconda by Joel Rosenthal a 1988 perfume also has a carnation flower note ?

Victoria said...

Anna you have Golconda??? I bow to you!! Someday I will own that lovely!

Victoria said...

Madelyn, It is not released n the USA yet, as far as I know. It shoudl be appearing in all the Etro places shortly. I would guess Aedes will be first.

greeneyes said...

Hm...well, the bottle is so pretty! Is that a good reason to buy a perfume? ;-)

Victoria said...

Maybe not now, but definitely at a discount!! And ohhh I just thought how lovely the lotion will be. Now that might be the ticket!

anna said...

Unfortunately i do not have a bottle of the Joel Rosenthal"Golconda".
I had not given it much thought until i read your review of the Dianthus-Etro.
I did not know you loved the perfume.
Lets hope that its price will stay the same , and not climb up as other items are doing now.

Victoria said...

You can check out my Golconda review here:

Let's hope it doesn't get any more expensive, yikes!