Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bond for the Holidays!

Just look at the new and most desirable Nuits de Noho bottle! Swarovski adorned and sparkling like a night jewel. Did I mention I'm still hoping for a Chinatown adorned bottle?

And check out the Chinatown adorned candle and the Swarovski pave jet purse spray. Oh you would have to have been a very good girl! I am so hoping they will do artist designed editions of all the bottles, Ms. Rahme are you listening?

You can find them on line at:


aryse said...

But, it's Chrismas before Chrismas.

The blue bottle make me to think about chrismas night, empty with stars.

That will be wonderfull if Santa Claus was able to bring us the complet line of BOND N°9

greeneyes said...

Hello Victoria! FM Iris Poudre...again! *sigh* It's so lovely, I can't stay away.

Happy day to all!

Teri said...

If there IS Bond No. 9 Santa and he's listening, this goes ditto for me.

I'm wearing L'Artisan Tea for Two on this crisp but sunny winter day in the mountains.

Victoria said...

Oh Aryse, I agree, I'd love that box on bon-bons!

Victoria said...

Hi Greeneyes, I agree it is so lovely, year round too!

Victoria said...

Hi Teri, well maybe something will fall from Santa's sleigh. ;O)

Shannon said...

OMG! you know that I want that bottle! I don't even know what the juice is like. LOL

Victoria said...

You know what? I did know that.