Saturday, December 23, 2006

This is the picture I used for my Christmas cards this year. I figured I might as well send it to all my online friends as well. I took the picture this year from my first white and purple tree!

Feel free to post whatever your scent of the day is over the weekend if you happen to stop by. I'll be checking in when I can.

Thank all of you for your friendship and sharing and to those of you who don't post, I know you are there, so thank you also. :O)

I'm wishing you all a very Merry Scented Christmas!


Madelyn E said...

Victoria - dear ---
I ALWAYS stop by .. and peak at your fine posts and readers repies ! This W-E is will be alternating between Bois Des Iles and Musc Ravageur ! I got a call from NY Saks yesterday.. there are only 2 pieces of the Patou 1000- the perfume for $245 . or something or other.I actually copnsidered it ?/ Can you believe it ?
I might be getting my friends a spray of Caron - Fleurs des Rocailles l'originsl!
What will you be wearing on Xmas eve and Xnas day ?
See you later .. Have a eggnog (with rum ) thinking of me !
Madelyn E

Giselle R. said...

Minty mood, so I'm wearing Voile D'Ete: topnote is carnation, one of my faves ... smells good for hours...the drydown is soft 'creme soda' with a touch of mint...or maybe a mint salt water taffy... the mint keeps it from being too sweet.

Victoria said...

Armani Pierre de Lune for me today.

Oh I don't know Madelyn, I would wait on the Patou, they will make more. :O) Haven't decided on what to wear yet. But I'm thinking I'll go with something spicy for a change.

Victoria said...

Giselle that sounds lovely! It is Guerlain?

GR said...

Vic-- you guessed it--I forgot to say it was terracotta
it is so great year round--if they ever stop making it I am in trouble. I almost chose Jardins de Bagatelle for today-- the thing is, I have too much, I am not normal, it has been hinted that a sweet smelling generous Santa is headed to my house, and I have been hoarding money for awhile to go to a perfume discounter in January. I am sick sick sick and need help.

Shannon said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Victoria! I love your purple and white tree ... guess what I put up this year? yes, a blue and white tree! I kept seeing those white trees and loved them, so blue it is this year!

I'm wearing Cinnabar today, so spicy! I just got home from my mom's where my sister and I baked a mountain of cookies!

Merry Christmas, everyone ~shannon

Victoria said...

Oh Giselle, I have the Terracotta on my list to buy one of these days. Do you like the Voile D'Ete better? Or is there only one, I may be confused. :O)

Victoria said...

Oh Shannon!!!! We both did our trees in our fave colors!! We are so in sync this year! I am so pleased with it, aren't you? I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

Giselle R. said...

Vic--It is one in the same terracotta Voil d'ete. The big circle bottle --you can get it online for under 30 dollars easily. It layers well with Omnia--when Omnia is fading I can spritz some on or the other way around.
Today- 24th--I put on Bulgari Pour Femme. I haven't worn it since summer and I don't recall it being this powdery in the drydown before. three hours and it is just about gone anyway. the drydown was just some floral talc in a tin. Maybe it is just me.

Victoria said...

Giselle, I'll be picking tha tone upi for sure!! Thanks!

Testing Divine L'Inspiratrice this morning while pre-cooking and prepping for my 20+ person brunch tomorrow. Whew!! That's a lot for this little only child. :O)

Madelyn E said...

Greeting from the scented East !
Good luck with your Xmas bruch for 20 ! How lucky can one get to be an invitee !
Today I'm wearing Bois Des Iles -- for Xmas Eve dinner w a friend and onto Midnight Mass ! (I celebrate many holidays .. Chanukah, etc ! )
Only child - you more than make up for an only child ! I'm the eldest of 3 -- and I have an only child .. a 14 yr old girl . who wears Burbury, Escada and Miss Dior Cherie !
Madelyn E

anna said...

Merry Christmas
to all of you.
Victoria, have a wonderful day!!!!
Serge Lutens -Sa Majeste La Rose,
I am in love with this scent.
I love roses.
Happy Holidays to all of you.

Victoria said...

Merry Christmas Madelyn and Anna!
My new Heeley Cardinal Arrived yesterday so I am wearing that for Christmas eve. Although hubby said it's terrible. Hummm. Well I might sweeten it up a bit with a splash of plumeria.

Jeannemarie Auclair Regan said...

Why, Anne Pliska, of course.

This is my perennial Christmas scent!

Merry Christmas, Vic and friends. Happy New Year!

Jeannemarie Auclair Regan

Victoria said...

Hi Jeanne!! So nice to see you!
Merry Christmas!