Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 12/21/06

Today I am test driving Heeley Cardinal -
Cardinal notes:
Incense, cistus, grey amber, patchouli, vetiver
Lucky Scent
Really liking this one! Review to follow. What are you wearing today?


aryse said...

Today HABIT ROUGE de Guerlain.

A warm perfume and an idea of summer for a weather very cold

Victoria said...

Good morning aryse! Chilly here this new Heeley incense one in nice and might be one for you too. :O)

aryse said...

Thanks for my health Victoria...

anna said...

Hi, victoria,
and everyone !!
Rahat Loukhoum- Serge Lutens
My mother sent a box of homemade cookies. How wonderful and sweet of her.
I wish i could bake , but not such luck here.
Chilly here also.
love anna

katiedid said...

Oh that sounds so pretty V, can't wait to hear your impressions of it.

Amarige Millesime 2005 for me, today. It's so bright, and sunshiney that it seemed a good fit today.

Giselle R. said...

Terre d' Hermes today.

Madelyn E said...

Hi Vic!I'm enjoying FM Musc Ravageur! Simply breathtaking & sensual!
Yesterday it was Bois Des Iles l'extrait! I'm in love ...with myself ! (not Really)!
Hard To top these two!
Am waiting for your 2006 Best!
Madekyn E

Shannon said...

I'm wearing Trouble today, both the dry oil spray and the EDP.

Vic, the Heeley incense sounds very nice indeed. Can't wait for your review!

Victoria said...

Thanks all! I just got back from the Perfume Movie Permiere! It was great! More to follow!