Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Passion - Ferrari - Review

Ok ladies here's one for the men in your life, or that hard to buy for boss - get him Ferrari! And men, well you will appreciate adding this gem to your collection.

Ferrari Passion is a great men's fragrance that got two thumbs up from every male I tired it on, from my dear hubby to the guys at work. It was a definite hit.

Green galbanum, Sicilian lemon, Florida grapefruit, cypress, lavender, thyme, cardamon, juniper berries, tobacco leaf, musk, leather, cedar and patchouli woods.

This one is very delicious smelling, add to that attractive packaging and brand recognition and you have got a hit. The fragrance comes in a large varity of bath and body products as well as gift sets and even matching model cars. Something for everyone on your list that is sure to please. I can't imagine a man disappointed with this gift.

Below is from the Press release:

"Passion is fueled by one's inner engine, the individual pursuit of excellence and distinction. It is the driving force behind the achievement of one's goals, toward the fulfillment of one's dreams. Ferrari's remarkable success is the result of exceptional passion; passion for victory, passion for teamwork, passion for beauty, passion for performance. In keeping with the essence of the iconic brand, Ferrari introduces the signature fragrance that encapsulates the vision, the dream, the lifestyle -- Ferrari Passion.

Modeled after the superbly crafted vehicle, the Ferrari Passion fragrance for men evokes the precision detailing, luxury and sophistication of Ferrari in sleek, modern packaging. The color red envelopes the fragrance bottle highlighting its contours with a glossy finish that recalls the paintwork of Ferrari cars. A sparkling metal cap - a special nod to Ferrari's chrome-wheel detailing - tops the bottle, adding a sporty yet technical look. The Passion and Ferrari logos are embossed on the bottle's exterior, uniquely translating the signature look of the Ferrari vehicle into an exceptionally designed, branded product.

Inspired most by the vitality of the Ferrari man, the scent of Ferrari Passion immediately conveys an unmistakable sense of exhilaration. The fragrance seamlessly fuses green galbanum with the freshness of Sicilian lemon and Florida grapefruit to reveal a crisp, pure aroma. Subtle Mediterranean notes of cypress, lavender and thyme, combined with hints of spicy cardamom and juniper berries, add a distinctive touch to the masculine blend.

Passion additionally merges hints of tobacco leaf, musk and leather with the delicate union of refined cedar and patchouli woods to create an intriguing stimulating scent. A charismatic fusion of unique layers and textures, Ferrari Passion distinctively captures the momentum, energy and intensity behind the Ferrari man, in an opulent, elegant fragrance."


chaya ruchama said...

That sounds delicious, V-
Thanks for the info...
LOVE the packaging !

aryse said...

Passionated description of Ferrari PASSION. Tobacco, musk and leather, all I enjoy in perfume.HUUUMMMMMMM.

Passion for life, for friends, for every time of the day.

Today, I wear BLACK by Bulgari, the desire for perfection and certainly one of the 10 best perfumes for the 10 last years

anna said...

thanks for the review.
i also like the new background.
i have a sample of Elixir Des Merveilles eau de parfum by Hermes.
I do not know for sure if i like this perfume enough to purchase it.
I like the Aqua Die Parma Iris Nobile better.

Teri said...

Any information on where this is available? My son's birthday is tomorrow and this sounds like something he'd enjoy.

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya! Wouldn't this be a great gift? And I have another great men's gift coming on Thursday. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Aryse, yes the Passion is very nice, very masculine. I didn't have one man that said he didn't like it. Even my hubby willingly sprayed it on, and he doesn't wear fragrances. Wow!

Victoria said...

Hi Anna, yes the Merveilles are nice, but they lack oomph or something in my opinion. Enjoy your day!

Victoria said...

Hi Teri, I have a note in to the distributor, I hope to find out for you very soon!

Victoria said...

Teri, oh I'm so late!! But I found out you should be able to find this at Macy's and some Sephoras. If not, you can order it online for Christmas.
Good luck!

Ladyjicky said...

If it comes to Australia I can see this being a big hit. Like the packaging too.

Teri said...

Victoria, thank you so much for the info! I phoned our local Macy's this morning and they have it available. I'm stopping in at noon to pick up a bottle for tonight's birthday celebration. You're a real sweetheart!! :)

Victoria said...

Oh that is great Teri!! Let me know how it goes over. I bet it is a big hit!!!

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Its sounds very interesting so passionated I like it so much.