Thursday, December 07, 2006

Red Corvette - Corvette - Review

Ok, here is another gift idea for the men in your life. Especially those who love Corvettes. Of the men surveyed in my office and home, all said they wouldn't mind finding this little number under the tree. They all agree the packaging is clever, and the scent is nice.

This seems like one of those can't miss guy gifts. An ex-boyfriend of mine was a big Corvette fan. He would have loved this one. I can see it for a nephew as well as a grandfather. There is also a clear version just called Corvette. This fragrance also comes in a wide variety of gift packages. You can find these items at Macy's and some Sephora stores, but they are selling out fast for the holidays!

From the press release:
Modeled in the trademark style of the classic American sports car, Corvette Red embodies the unmistakable adventure of the Corvette man. Translucent and tinted red, the container was designed to replicate the look of the Corvette design, revealing the precision detailing and superb craftsmanship of the remarkable sports machine. Topped with a shiny metal pump, the bottle’s removable cap is a nod to the chrome detailing that accents the wheels of the iconic vehicle.


aryse said...

You have really good ideas for Chrismas gifts.

I am very curious but....
Is the red color your favorite for cars ? :-)

chaya ruchama said...

Oh, V-

I just feel like I walked into a sex toy shop...

Too funny !
{At least, it's red!}

Victoria said...

Hi Aryse, Actually I doubt I've ever buy a red car. Black is the color of choice for me, second choice is silver. Corvettes are especially gorgeous in black I think. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya, funny!