Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wishing you all the very best in 2007!
Thank you to all who stop by, those who contribute and those who just look! There will be many new perfumes to sniff and new and wonderful experiences for us all in the new year. Best wishes to you all, I've had a great 2006 and I just know 2007 will be even better! - Victoria


Madelyn E said...

Allow me to be the FIRST to wish you and your loyal readers a Happy Scented 2007 !!!
Love the colors of your background !
Tonight or last year I should say I celebrated NY'S Eve at an exotic asian restaurant to the likes of Musc Ravageur !
Madelyn E

Victoria said...

Happy New Year Madelyn! How exciting tobe in NY for New Years. Maybe someday!

anna said...

Happy New Year !!!
I second Madelyn i love the background also.
We are going to the Rose Bowl football game today between USC and Michigan. Is going to be fun.
Hermes Doblis perfume.
i found the last bottle of this one in Hawaii.

chaya ruchama said...

Well, my lovelies-
May we all be blessed and healthy in '07, and may the world be a better place...

Victoria said...

Hi Anna thanks for stopping by! Madelyn one commented that the background looked like a sweater. I think it is lush ferns in a repeating pattern colored in purple. What do you say?

Go USC? :O)

I just read a nice review of the Hermes Doblis, sounds nice, congrats!

Victoria said...

Chaya my dear and to you!
May it bring peace and more fragrance into the world!

Shannon said...

stopping by on new years day to add my wishes for a great 2007.

I'm wearing Chanel #5 today. I don't really care for it, but 5 is my favorite number and I'm hoping it brings me some luck for the new year.

Victoria said...

Happy New Year to you Shannon!
Best of luck in 2007, you never know it might just work. :O)

Madelyn E said...

Victoria dear,
Well upon carefull reexamination--AND as a knitter ...(scarves, sweaters etc) your background ressembles a beautiful scarf or sweater . Knit , purl , Knit purl..
Whatever it is to me the color is gorgeous and would attract many compliments!
Madelyn E

Giselle R. said...

Best of Everything for You in 2007.

greeneyes said...

Happy New Year Victoria!

Victoria said...

Giselle and Greeneyes, thank you both for stopping by!
Happy New Year!