Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scent of the Day - Wednesday - 12/13/06

Today I'm wearing FCUK, pardon my French.
(Sorry, I just had to.)
What are you wearing today?


aryse said...

Hello everybody...I am the hero lol

Today I am wearing a new cologne : CITTA DI KYOTO by SANTA MARIA NOVELLA.

The objective of this cologne is to remember Italia cologne and japanese cologne together.

But, in France, people love it for incense and lotus notes and, in Japan, people love it for iris and cypress notes.What about US and Canada ?

In fact I think it's no need to choice because the perfume is beautiful.

Have a nice day and please, forgive my bad english.


chaya ruchama said...

Don't I love your bad English, ma belle [It is lovely, I agree] !

Vska, WHAT does that smell like?
You're scaring me!

Like any good junkie, I'll be doing my line of Shalimar parfum today...what nut job wears Shalimar to lift free weights in a $50/year gym?
But the teenage Carribean boys and old men will be happy, lol...

aryse said...

Have a good day Chaya...

That will be a bad trouble and a big disillusion for you but I am a man !!!

I am very sorry (especially for you lol) but (as it was said in a famous movie) NOBODY IS PERFECT.

As it is no easy for me to explain in english what is the fragrance, I give you the description from an english site :

-Citta di Kyoto celebrates the 40th anniversary of the sister-city relationship between Florence and Kyoto. The noble symbol of Florence, iris, intertwines elegantly with the dewy sweetness of lotus, a sacred flower of Kyoto, in this majestic tribute by Santa Maria Novella. Shimmering notes of bergamot and orange crown the delicate accord of jasmine, hyacinth, rose, hawthorn and ylang-ylang. Luscious notes of plum and peach layered with cinnamon sweeten the woody-floral heart. The dry base of sandalwood, cedar, ebony, and ambergris is gently warmed by vanilla, creating a fragrance as beautiful as the cities that inspired it.

I will say just that this fragrance can be wear by women and men (generally they are the best fragrances).

See you later :-)


chaya ruchama said...

Mon Dieu, aryse-
Je suis trompee !
Tant t'embrasse, quand-meme.

[I love Citta- and agree, it's suitable for both genders]

I was curious about V's scent- FCUK-
It seems incongruous, somehow, and funny !

BTW, I'm quite fond of men- I have a houseful !
You would find them suave and sympathique...
And I keep them smelling marvellous
[That is why they keep me around- it doesn't hurt that I, too, smell good, feel good, cook well, and make them laugh !]

Sois sage,aryse !
[signee par la sympathique Strasbourgeoise mal gardee...]

Victoria said...

Good morning JP!! Oh I love this one too, although I'm still working from a decant I've yet to get my hands on a whole bottle. You can find my review here:
Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya, well not quite as naughty as the maker would like us to think this is actually a lovely fruity floral bearing the initials of the maker: French Connection United Kingdom.
As for the Shalimar, you go girl!

Victoria said...

Chaya, I guess I should have said pardon my ENGLISH. LOL

chaya ruchama said...

I apologise for being a total ass...
This is the second time I've mis-gauged the gender of someone on your post !!!
So, naturally, I had to do something...stupid !
I must suffer from hoof-in-mouth disease...

aryse said...

Good afternoon Victoria,

I red your blog.Very good description.I don't really like incense but, in CITTA, it is not too strong.I think it is perfectly blended with precious woods and fruts.

I don't wear very often SMN's fragrances because they are not long lasting.But I agree completly with you : for CITTA, it's different, it is longer lasting than other SMN scents.

aryse said...

Oh Chay, it doesn't matter.

Strasbourgeoises are so charming than one forgive them always.

Je t'embrasse également.

Victoria said...

I have decided to review FCUK tomorrow since I'm enjoying it so much today.

Giselle R. said...

Parure today-- I'm working from home for the next few weeks! (So I can wear as much of whatever I like)

ANY Sugestions?
I am looking for a gift scent for a girl who has & wears the following:
Boucheron Trouble
Dior Hypnotic Poison (I gave her her first bottle)
TM Angel
HM Butterfly
Wish -Chopard

I don't know what to add to her warm collection.
I have a Rush Mini for her, but need a pretty bottle of something for the main Gift. Something I can lay my hands on in NYC , and nothing over $100.

Is it hard to buy for a perfume addict? not really, but I want her to really enjoy what I get her.

Victoria said...

Well Gizelle, I would say that Burberry Brit Gold would fit the bill nicely. It seems she loves vanilla and amber and soft orientals, so that would be my choice for her. A great present with its lovely gold plaid wrappings!

Shannon said...

Another day, another testing ... today I'm wearing Ligea "La Sirena" for the first time.

Amother suggestion for Giselle would be L de Lolita Lempicka or Dior Addict, both favorites of mine. I like some of the same stuff that Giselle's friend likes ...

Victoria said...

Nice choices Shannon.