Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Scent of the Day - Tuesday - 12/26/06

Ahhh here I am back at work today. Traffic was so light at 7:30, most people are sleeping in today or hitting those fabulous sales. But I'm here at work ... working hard ... trying to load my new iPod. :O)

Today I'm wearing some totally wonderful Poppy Pearly Cream by Kenzo from a dear friend. This stuff is heavenly! I added a touch of Kenzo Parfum to keep it going all day. Blissful!

What are you wearing today?


Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
too bad you have to work today 1 Did you have a nice Xmas celebration? What did you wear ?
Today I did perfume housecleaning. I banished some fading scents seemingly a bit "off") to the home ambiance department. aka ( the bathroom !) (An old Beautiful and Borghese - Il Bacio) Sad. But alas, why wear something a little stale when there are new, fresh scents abounding . Right ?
Today I am wearing Bois des Iles (parfum). I got my friend nona and (myself) a Tocca Florence giftset. shower gel, body cream and candle . Barney's was out of Stella . I like Stella the best !
Thinking of you dear V !
Madelyn E

Giselle R. said...

Belle de Nuit (Xmas gift ) Fragonard.

Shannon said...

Back to work today, I'm wearing L'Instant. I love the powdery magnolia and rich honey notes ...

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, I ended up wearing Cuir Venenum. I agree Stella is th ebest, but I like Florence too.

Victoria said...

Hi Giselle, I love Belle de Nuit, very light and wearable. Enjoy!

Victoria said...

Hi Shannon! Ohh I just splurged on some L'Instant Parfume gel, I'll give a full report when it arrives!

Flora said...


I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

I will get a head start on the next day's post by telling you what I WILL be wearing tommorrow! I just discovered Lelong Pour Femme and fell totally under its spell. I thought that Indiscret was their only fragrance and I thought that the vintage ones such as Opening Night were no longer made (and I was wrong about that as well; a few are still around and others have been recreated) but this one was released in 1999! You would never know it by the way it smells - it could have stepped right out of the Thirties or Forties, it is such a classic. I will let their Web site description speak for itself:

"This unique floral oriental fragrance melds bright mandarin and bergamot, which add a sparkling effect to the rich top notes of magnolia flowers, garden lilac and Kadota Fig Intenscent. The timeless beauty of jasmine, rose de mai, tuberose, ylang ylang, and iris is highlighted with the distinctive signature notes of sharry baby orchid, purple cattleya orchid, and white cattleya orchid. A smooth oriental background of creamy sandalwood, vetivert, oakmoss, and musk completes these fragrances."

Nice, eh? In case you were wondering, "Sharry Baby" orchid is a real flower, an Oncidium hybrid that smells most deliciously of vanilla AND chocolate. I thought it was genius of them to use it in place of the usual vanilla. I have a plant of it in my house; I never dreamed that someday it would be in a perfume!

Anyway, I also have a whole raft of new samples to try, so I will be smelling very good indeed for the foreseeable future. :-D

Victoria said...

Wow flora, that does sound nice! I'll have to look for it. I didn't think that house had any newer releases. SOunds lovely,