Friday, December 22, 2006

Scent of the Day - Friday - 12/22/06

I'm off today and sleeping in I hope! I'm quite in love with Heeley Cardinal and I'll be wearing it again today. But the review will have to wait - My Perfume Movie review has used up all my brain cells for now. So what are you wearing today?


aryse said...

OHHHH !!! Is it possible ?

The brain cells of a woman are never used.That will be terrible..... :-).

Today, BULGARI BLACK (one of my favourites)

Madelyn E said...

Sleep deeply and fragrantly dear Victoria !

Today it's Bois Des Iles - all time fave !
Madelyn E

Giselle R. said...

Bulgari's Omnia today.

Shannon said...

I'm wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain today. Wow, did I ever rake in the compliments today! FOUR separate compliments today from co-workers and the Kwik Shop attendant where I bought my gas this morning ... :)

Catherine said...

Hi V.,
I'm new to your blog, having spent hours yesterday surfing about perfumes and scents, their history and mystery (and hoping to someday come upon an unopened bottle of Celui par Jean Dessus so I can try to identify its essence.)

I'm an investment advisor, tall-ship sailor, writer, knitter-and-designer (of hand-knitted sock patterns...see The Sock Journal and Sock Calendar and free Ruggles' patterns online) and recently had a reunion with an ex-boyfriend which led me on a search for a new, currently-beloved perfume.

I haven't yet found anything perfect but do like Creed's Santal Originale, and find that I don't love Chanel's Elixir Sensuel which I thought I loved a few months ago. Go figure! Maybe because I live in SoFla. and the reunion was in Key West so I was feeling especially tropical or trade-windy or something!

As I write, I'm wearing only the residual scent of Montblanc's Individuel shower gel that I bought a male friend and end up using more often than he does! He hates any scent that smells stronger than a "good soap" smell so is currently in love with a bar of Taylor of London's Eton College soap I found in a dusty tobacconist in, of all places, Philadelphia. So he's currently washing with Eton College and following with Creed's original Tabarone (which I find too strong) and I'm showering with Montblanc and following with whatever suits my fancy that day.

My two cats are wearing their own body odors of, respectively, Higgins the black cat's clean kitty smell, and Beaubien's slightly gamier, fur-bearing, warm-blooded mammal smell as befits his young Siamese lynxpoint stage in life.