Friday, December 22, 2006

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Review

Ok my lovelies - I have just arrived home from watching the premiere! What do I think? Well I would give it two ups up for any perfume lover. Non-perfume lovers, may not be as easily pleased. I found the acting quite superb, the direction; compelling.

I thought the way in which the smells were depicted and experienced was well done and one couldn't help but want to simultaneously experience each one right along. I guess I kept thinking there should be mists of scents sprayed in the theater for this effect. Of course that would be impractical for numerous reasons, yet I felt people yearned to participate. Maybe that was the intent.

The acting, as I said, was superb. Ben Whishaw was remarkable and believable as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. Dustin Hoffman also did a wonderful job as Baldini, the perfumer who took Grenouille as his apprentice. His performance lent the only touches humor to this otherwise dark film.
Alan Rickman was excellent as the father; desperate to protect his daughter from impending fate. Quite an empathetic performance that brought a further character development where needed in the script and provided a hero of sorts when our boy's secret was revealed.

Rachel Hurd-Wood was a feast for the eyes as the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the ultimate and elusive scent prize. Such a beauty, I found her quite memorizing.

Overall it was well acted, brilliantly directed, and a must see for any perfume lover.

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aryse said...

Good morning Victoria,

I didn't see the movie because I thought it was very difficult to translate the wonderful book of Suskind in a film.
So, I was waiting any comments.

Thank you for yours.As I see the film is very well I certainly will go to see it as soon as possible.

And, for information, in 2007, the parfums Thierry Mugler should develop and to market the fragrance “AURA” (from the box the Perfume) with some small modifications compared to the formula of origin .

For me, holidays till january 3 th.
Merry Chrismas for you and everyone.


ladyjicky said...

Merry Christmas Victoria! I have read the book and I thought this could be a difficult one to put on the screen but after reading your report - sounds great! Hope to see it here in Australia soon .. Oh, love the spraying of scent during the film idea. You could have "scented" screenings (for the perfume nuts) and non-scented for the delicate viewers! LOL

Tondo Rotondo said...

Great review. I enjoy more the book but the film also is ok. And some escenes located in my country, Catalonia.

All the best,

Victoria said...

Thank you Tondo for stopping by!
And you too Lady Jicky, Happy New Year!