Thursday, December 14, 2006

FCUK Her - French Connection UK - Review

Let me begin with a description from Perfume "She makes her presence known with an overture of fresh, illuminating musks. She surprises and provokes with the voluptuous and suggestive floral notes of the barringtonia flower from Madagascar. She leaves a lasting presence with decadent cedar wood and sandalwood engrained with vanilla. So chic. So suggestive."

Well here we have a provocative name intended to cause a commotion for an otherwise fairly nice fruity floral. Admittedly one of the better ones, yet far from suggestive and decadent, as the some of the descriptions suggest. The most provocative thing about this fragrance is the name.

Perhaps the reason I find it to be one of the better ones though, is a personal choice because of my love of bergamot as an opening and my love of amber and sandalwood as a base. I find most fragrances with those notes to be very wearable. This one opens with a cool bergamot blast that slightly mellows but hangs around through the middle stages, keeping the composition fresh and cool. At the mid stage some soft cedar notes evolve, and the sandalwood begins to warm. I get a touch of patchouli here too, although it is not listed. It has a very nice, soft drydown, is fairly long lasting with decent sillage if applied liberally. Overall a very nice fruity floral with marks above the rest.

Introduced in 1993 the notes are:
Top: Bergamot, Muguet, Water Iris
Middle: Barringtonia flower from Madasgascar, peony, jasmine, violet
Bottom: Golden amber, musk, cedarwood, sandalwood

Just so the men don't feel left out, there is FCUK Him.
"FCUK for him is edgy, intoxicating, and seductive. Top notes include sangria, basil rosemary and lavender. Middle notes include hemp, new mexican black sage, green peppercorns and tea. Bottom notes include black suede, CO2 Vanilla, ebony wood and patchouli."

Actually I read somewhere recently that French Connection is dropping the FCUK logo and going by just - French Connection. Definitely more palatable to some of the stauncher more conservative backers and advertisers. So I guess they had their fun. I know my co-worker came back from their Las Vegas boutique with a FCUK T-shirt. She was quite proud of herself at the time.


aryse said...

Chic and suggestive ??? All we ask for a perfume.....

As I said yesterday, incense and patchouli are not my prefered frangrances.But, at the opposite what beauty it is when perfumes are composed by bergamot, iris and violet (my favourite flowers for fragrances), musk, amber, cedar (dry) and oriental sandalwood.

When I read your post I feel to smell FCUK.It must be a scent for dreams.

But FCUK for men seems very attractive too.Tea, black suede, vanilla, ebony wood : that can be a very interesting composition.
I will have to test it very soon

chaya ruchama said...

Good morning, my dear-
This sounds lovely...
I will make it a point to sniff it !
Enjoy yourday...

Victoria said...

Hi aryse, I agree the Men's sounds very intriguing! I'm not so big on Patchouli, it can ruin a fragrance for me. But it is ok, if it is very light and does not dominate.

Victoria said...

Hi Chya, yes I was getting ready to clear out some of my less worn fragrances when I found and rediscovered this one. I'm definitely keeping it. :O)

Emotenote said...

Yay! I'm not the only who appreciates this light little frag. I've always felt like I've been slummin' when I wear this, but it's really my "days when I want a nice smell but not a challenge" perfume. It's not the now-typical fruit of the day light juice.

I thought it was hilarious when my local Marshall Fields took down it's add due to public outcry when these first came out.

Victoria said...

emotenote, You are so right about it being a nice "you don't have to think too hard" scent. Now that I have rediscovered it, I'm wondering if the lotion would be nice for spring.

Maybe the Marshall Field's complainers were dyslexic.