Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chanel Reviews Are Coming!!!

My Chanel reviews are coming! Some of you many know Nancy, a trusted eBay fragrance seller whom I hope you will add to your favorite sellers! Her eBay name is Fishbone96 her store is: Fishbone Fragrances.

Lovely Nancy is selling the CHANEL EXCLUSIFS - SIX Sample Set! Small Vial sets or Decant Sets or just one or two, anything you want just ask and she will quote you. She has them all and is ready to ship now! Please email inquiries to her directly at: For a great price and fast shipping!
How exciting!! Stay Tuned!!


shifts said...

What a pity the Ebay store doesn't ship overseas... I'm so eager to get to try these.

Victoria said...

Oh she doesn't? Bummer. You'll have to ask one your USA friends to ship you a set. :O)