Thursday, February 01, 2007

You smell goooood!!!

Ok this was just toooo darn cute not to pass it on. Posted on the POL board by lovely TovahAgain, who also checks in here - Check out this ADORABLE ecard for us perfume fanatics: - You Smell Goooood


Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Thank you for sharing this E-card with us -- perfume lovers ! It is absolutely adorable ! I wish someone would send it to me !
It is so delightful- maybe I'll send it out myself !

Have a great February 1st

anna said...

I love the E-card.!!
Ecco Bella body lotion in Vanilla .
purchased from Whole Foods stores . It is very nice.

Victoria i will send the Real Komenuka Shampoo to you for your birthday, i think your B-day is coming up.

Another question.
would it not be great ,if someone started a perfume bank!!!!
For a monthly small fee one could check out perfumes , well not the whole bottle but big enough to last a month. All perfumes for rent and i mean all of them -high and low price perfumes. And if someone wanted to keep one , all they had to do is buy one of the half bottles and save money if they wanted .
It just a thought .
anna L

Victoria said...

Oh Madelyn, no one understands us like we do!!

Hi Anna, you are so sweet! I love the perfume Bank Idea!! :O)

chaya ruchama said...

It made me sooo happy !
Thanks for sharing it.

Victoria said...

Me too Chaya, I just want to adopt those two and keep them in my bathroom for a morning affirmation.

Flora said...

Oh, that is TOO adorable! I love it. I wish those little beasties would come live with me, too, and every morning I would get complimented on my perfume selection. :-D

Leopoldo said...

Ive sent that card to all and sundry... Hopefully, it'll create more perfume lovers out of friends and acquaintances...

Thanks so much V!

Tovah said...

I really think "one of us" must have written this one. This card understands our love for smells. It cracks me up every time I view it.bog

Tovah said...

Don't know what the "bog" is at the end of my post...I think it's part of the word verification. Sorry!