Thursday, February 15, 2007

Perfect Kiss - Creative Sentualization - Review

Do you remember that perfect kiss? No not the first kiss, Steve King running up to you in the crosswalk on the way to sixth grade and planting one right on your lips. Ewww! No, I mean the Perfect one. The one that took your breath away.
Sarah Horowitz-Thran of Creative Sentualization has now created: Perfect Kiss

Samples of this great new fragrance were presented to us exclusively as a Pre-Release at the LA Sniffapalooza. Intended to be released to the public on Valentine's Day, unfortunately we will have to wait till Mother's Day to get our hands on a full bottle of this heavenly juice.

I have been struggling to determine the notes. There is a chocolate note there but not in an obvious chocolate way, more the way tonka beans project chocolate, or an illusion of chocolate. I also detect hints of rose. There is an ever so slightly indolic jasmine in the base. I get a Apres L'Ondee feel at times, which make me think there may be either anise or violets involved in the fray. It is sweet like nectar but not candy sweet. Whatever it is I want it. Now.

Please see the lovely review by For The love of ... Blog Perfect Kiss

Photo: The Matrix 3


besotted said...

Thanks for yet another wonderful review Vic, this one sounds absolutely lovely. I'm just wondering about that rose note - rose tends to go very big on me.

Victoria said...

Not very rosey at all. I think you will be safe. If you like her Perfect line, it will flollow suit you will like this one too.

besotted said...

Thanks, V! (The only one I know is Perfect Veil, love that one.)

TMH256 said...


Lovely review, my dear and great photo! I found my handout. Here are the notes so you don't have to search for them:
Night blooming jasmine, honeysuckle, creamy sandalwood, warm amber, dark chocolate.

Funny thing, I cannot detect the floral notes at all. But I love this one just as you do!

Victoria said...

Thank you so much!! I'm not really getting much chocolate, and who knows why I'm getting Apres L'Ondee!! Chalk it up to my rookie nose.

Karenska said...

Hi Victoria - I pulled out my little sample vial of PK today too, and I'm in love!!! When I first sniffed it last Saturday night, I dismissed it as being a tad too sweet. I think I was just on Sniffa scent overload. I wore it today and enjoyed every minute of it. Its sweetness was grounded by the amber and sandalwood, which are 2 of my favorite notes. The sweetness I detect is more fruity than floral, and I can't help but picture that chocolate-dipped strawberry from Tamara's review!!

Victoria said...

Hi Karen, I agree it starts out sweet then mellows out. It almost smells smoky at the very end. I have had it smell a little different each time I have tried it.