Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chanel Re-Evaluations by Spray

I want to add a few updates as I re-test these in the decant spray. I begin my elimination process in trying to determine if I want to plunk down the bucks for full bottles of any of these. Check back on this post over the course of the weekend, as I will add my final thoughts on each fragrance.

Bel Respiro - I adore this, but I am not kidding the luscious vibrant green stemmy note is gone in 5 minutes or less. You are left with a very soft green, which is nice, but so close to the skin I simply cannot smell it with out pressing my nose to skin. As much as I love the beginning, this one is out of the running. I am very sad, I love what this one could have been.

Coromandel - Definitely more presence when sprayed, as I did say, this is the longest lasting of the group.Upon spraying the benzoin comes on particularly strong. I barely noticed it when applied by vial. It really dominates here in the spray. Still not getting amber. As much as I thought by description this was the one for me, I am eliminating it also.

Eau de Cologne - I liked this one even more upon liberal spraying, but still I'm not sure I want a gallon (oops, 400ml) of it. Lemoney and sweet, but I think you can find the same effect with longer lasting ability with Fresh's Lemon Sugar. I guess I might buy a big decant for summer if I see it on eBay.

31 Rue Cambon - Still my favorite of the group, I am begining to think it reminds me of a cross between No 22 and Bois des Iles. Both of which I like better. Hummm.


Gail S said...

Haven't tried Coromandel yet, but I totally agree with you on the Bel Respiro. That initial blast of tart, sharp, green thingies startles my nose, makes my eyes water and it's wonderful! I LOOOOVE it! And then it's gone.

But hey, if you buy a full bottle, you can always respray every five minutes!

TMH256 said...

Eliminating expensive fragrance lemmings is definitely a good thing. Nice to see some descriptions of these. I've yet to purchase a decant or sample so thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Victoria
anna L

chaya ruchama said...

I'm with you on the BR, alas.
The Coromandel likes me, however, and I like it , too....
But subtle, it is NOT.

The non-blonde said...

I suspect that I'm going to like RC most of all. Almost scared to give it a try.

Victoria said...

non-blond, forge ahead! It is lovely!