Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Psssssst: Did you hear? Valentine's Day has been postponed until tomorrow. Why? Well because the Chanels are here silly! Of course!

Come back tomorrow for my Valentine's Day Review - Perfect Kiss. Stay tuned for the Chanel review later today!


Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Happy Valentine's Day ! May you and DH have a wonderful, romantic day and dinner celebration !
Hooray For Love !

Madelyn E

Victoria said...

Thank you dear Madelyn, the same to you!

colombina said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Victoria!

Katie said...

What wonderful illustrations!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, V. I hope you and your husband have a lovely day together.

greeneyes said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Victoria!

Victoria said...

Hi Colombina! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mr. Colombina!

Victoria said...

Hi Katie, same to you my dear, I hope it's lovely!

Victoria said...

Hi Greeneyes! Right back atcha sweetie, wishing you the best!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, a very Happy Valentine's Day to you, enjoy! L'Eau d'Hiver for me today.

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, thanks, and to you to !

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sage Machado's "Moonstone" for me today.

Here's the 411 on it:

Moonstone: (Birthstone for September) Like the opalescent gem for which it was named, Moonstone is a lustrous, incandescent fragrance of ethereal beauty. An intoxicating middle note accord of gardenia and paperwhites. These rest on a base note accord of amber, vanilla and musk accented with oakmoss and tobacco flower. The ancient Romans believed that moonstones were formed by the light of the moon. Lore that equally befits a fragrance that dances on the skin like liquid moonlight.

1/8 oz. roll-on. Made with all natural fragrance and essential oils. Contains no alcohol, water or chemicals.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to put who I was on that last post.

:) Dawn

MarkDavid said...

Hi Vic!

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm celebrating the holiday with a little cocktail of my own. Gin and Nyquil, stirred, not shaken.

Still no scent for me as I sufffer through day 2 of what I've decided must be Bird Flu. It just makes sense to me. One little cough and my world is ending, so why shouldn't this be Bird Flu?

I was soo looking forward to trying those scents you sent me, I only got through half before I got ill.

I SOOO support your decision to pre-empt the Valentines Review in favor of the Chanels. Well done! Speaking of Pre-empting - our darling President is pre-empting The View right now!

Well now that I've written a novel here, I bid you adieu.


IrisLA said...

Happy Valentines Day, Victoria!

Victoria said...

Happy Valentine's Day Dawn, thanks for the scoop! If you feel like guest writing, let me know, I'd love the help! And you have ALL those new lovlies to review! :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Mark, please feel free to ramble on my little bird. :O) Rest up, so you may properly enjoy your weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!

Victoria said...

Hi Iris! Happy Valentine's day to you to! Are you going to mosey on over to Chanel and check out these lovlies soon?

Heikke said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!

see you

Shannon said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and all of your readers. I'm wearing Ambre Sultan today.

Ayala Sender said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Victoria!