Thursday, February 08, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 02/08/07

Anne Pliska for me today, we have a work party today. What are you wearing?

Oh BTW - I just want to add something about the Anne Pliska Creme - What LuckyScent is offering is a NEW FORMULA Perfumed Body Creme in an upright tube. Very easy to use and more perfumed. Lovely, if you are an Anne Pliska fan, I know you will love it.


chaya ruchama said...

Pliska for me !

besotted said...

Well my dears, it's three of us in a row: I started out with Sublime but an Anne Pliska craving got the better of me, so I changed over after this morning's shower. Enjoy your work party, dear Vic!

Anonymous said...

I too shall join the Anne Pliska club today. So, Anne Pliska it is for my scent of the day. :)

Hello Chaya and Terry!

Happy Thursday all.


greeneyes said...

I love Anne Pliska! You all smell so good. I'm wearing Lea Extreme today. I needed comfort. Happy day all!

besotted said...

Anne Pliska update: I just returned from another department where lots of people were milling around. As I passed by one woman she turned to me and said - "It HAS to be you who smells so pretty." She leaned in a little closer and confirmed it (-:
Hey Dawnie, glad to see another member in the club!

Tovah said...

I'm craving Pliska!

Victoria said...

Tovah, you will ge to try the new creme tomorrow. Just a hunch. LOL