Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spirit of the Tiger - Heeley - Review

Esprit du Tigre or Spirit of the Tiger is interesting. At first I thought I didn't like it. Yet, slowly it began to seduce me. The opening is unique to say the least. A camphor mint combo with spicy undertones.

Those who love Heeley will quickly recognize this as the same mint note as used in the Menthe Fraiche. The Mint was my first Heeley purchase and a staple in my summer fragrance wardrobe. Reaching for it over and over, I fell hard for the delicate, cool, soft mint note.

Upon first sniffing Tiger you may think sports creme, as intended; it was meant to mimic the scent of Tiger Balm, hence the name. But really the clove note is the dominate note of this fragrance, and truly a star. Kept crisp and fresh by the underlying soft mint. Those who love clove will be more than pleased. Even carnation lovers may be pleasantly surprised by the drydown of the clove.

I am as surprised as you to think that this may just be FBW (Full Bottle Worthy). I am passing on the last of my sample to a friend, but I already have that craving. The one that says BUY IT NOW.

These latest three Heeley offerings seem to be geared more masculine, the names, the bold titles and the more masculine bottle shape. But I have to say they are done in very much a unisex way, myself being one to rarely venture into men's cologne feel very comfortable in these, in fact.

Camphor, mint, clove, cardamon

Available at: LuckyScent


besotted said...

Thanks for the review, Vic, this one certainly sounds intriguing!

Victoria said...

HI Terry, with your love of carnation and unisex fragrances, I think you would like this too. :O) I'm just a big Heeley fan.

Heikke said...

Sugar blossem by Fresh, I really like that one.
Vic,guess you will like this one
so cute and I guess you will speak DUTCH soon

Victoria said...

Da me amigia! Soon!

Solander said...

The first time I tried it I thought it was tiger balm, period. The second time I got more spices. I normally like spices but the cardamom and nutmeg were actually too dry and sharp for me and I really don't like mint.
I fell for Fine Leather instead, but... what leather? I get birch sap, and cool violets, a melancholic spring scent.

Victoria said...

Hi Solander, thanks for your comments. I think you will either love it or not with this one. No middle ground. Now the Fine Leather I thought was a really strong leather on me. But my friend described it exactly as you do. And she loves it too.

Leopoldo said...

I love tiger balm and cloves - I guess I'll love this too.