Monday, February 12, 2007

Sniffapalooza - Recap

Well here I am still reeling from the events on Saturday. I can't even imagine how the two Karens are holding up, flying back to NYC and trying to get up and go to work! Hugs to you both!

And my two new friends Linda and Rob, I hope you made it back to Scottsdale (Surprise, AZ) with no problems. I can't wait to hear of your LA Sunday morning adventures! Please email me!

Thanks again to the Team Karen I thought the event went great! If there were any problems it wasn't apparent to the participants, it seemed to all flow smoothly. Again thank you for bringing this even to our coast! Towards the end of the event, I forgot to take pictures. So engrossed in conversation with my new friends, I found when I got home, I had no pictures of the two Karens, Raphaella, Marlen or Chado or Palmetto. Apologies to all!

I wanted to mention the rain did hold off (thank you to my friend who's prayers did the trick) I am so happy the weather was sunny and warm, just perfect! The way in which lovely Southern CA should be represented and remembered!

A little more about the people I met can be found here on the POL link, scroll down to my second entry. Perfume of Life

Thank You to Franco from LuckyScent for sharing with us many new samples at lunch. Oh my, there are some great new ones on the way! As is always the case with LuckyScent, isn't it? I can't even remember all the names, even if I could release them you. Beautifully crafted, hard to find treasures that Franco scouts out from all over the globe to present to us. Isn't he the best? One I remember is Smilies, a fresh, sweet citrus scent for spring that had us all nodding in approval of the scent and the unique packaging. Watch for it and the exclusive new releases coming soon to: LuckyScent! And of course, anyone wanting to purchase Anne Pliska EDP or the sumptuous-delicious-decadent new Perfumed Creme from the gift bag samples can also find it here: Anne Pliska

Now I want to re-cap a few of the lovely sniffs along the way -

Check this out - I didn't buy anything but a t-shirt. I was going to buy IF, but it was in the gift bag! I plan to review it later this week. I did sniff some tempting Apothia and Burn candles, but I'm simply out of room. I got to sniff Czech & Speake 88, as a lovely lady passed around her arm. Very nice on her and a favorite of Ozzy Osborn's I'm told.

At lunch we got sneak peaks of some new LuckyScent lines but I didn't get the names or the notes, but they were mighty fine. And again Smilies as I mentioned above. And yes, Smilies, as in the yellow smiley faces. I can see myself owing this one, I am partial to sweet, clean citrus.

Creative Scentualizaton's new scents were also a big hit. Beauty Comes From Within and Perfect Kiss were both winners. Reviews to follow on these later this week as well. I might even spring for her Perfect Gardenia on my next trip. It is a lovely rending of a scent that is so hard to capture.

At LAFCO, I re-tried Santa Maria Novella Citta di Kyoto. I had been meaning to purchase this one, and still am working from my decant. After sniffing again, I found that I really prefer Heeley Cardinal. My review here: Cardinal - Review The Kyoto seemed a little too dry by comparison and not as lively. You can read my Kyoto review here: Cittadi Kyoto -Review. I tried several other of their florals but I like the ones I already own. The Gaggia (Mimosa) being one of the best. Tempted by the strange yet interesting Iris Toothpaste that both Tom and Manny bought, I resisted.

At the Lorenzo Villoresi counter I again tried a few that didn't work for me in the past. Incensi, was a bit too masculine as was Dilmun. Although Dilmun had me very close to caving. I may end up with this one later on. I retired Alamut and actually liked it much better this time, but still resisted - you can read my Alamut review here: Alamut-Review.

At Palmetta I tried Gendarme Green, which although masculine, felt very wearable for summer. I will have re-try that one on skin.

I must get back up to the Scent Bar and check out the new -Exclusive Launch of Parfums MDCI
and pick up my Spirit of the Tiger. Oh! And try the new Heeley Cedre Blanc! Anyone wanna come?


Karenska said...

Hi Victoria! I am really enjoying your LA Sniffa recaps, and I'm sending it along to all my friends - fragrance, and non-fragrance - to show them what the day was all about!

I'm still on my "Sniffa High", but it was hard waking up in CT at 6am today for work, after finally acclimating to LA time. It truly felt like I was getting up at 3am!

It was great to meet you, and we so appreciate your Sniffapalooza enthusiasm - handing out the adorable name badges, setting up the AP samples at lunch, and the raffle. Victoria, you certainly went *above and beyond* to help make our first LA Sniffapalooza such a success!

Since it was my first trip to LA, I was excited to see all the sights and cram everything possible into our short visit. Meeting all our West Coast perfumista's was the highlight of our trip. Thanks so much for all of your help, and for your lovely and thoughtful writing. xo, KA

Victoria said...

Thanks Karen,
I had a great time!
My little wheels are already turning for next time!

besotted said...

Vic, thanks for the followup, you did a fantastic job giving us the Sniffa blow-by-blow!

chaya ruchama said...

It's a treat to hear of your escapades !
I'm quite amazed at your restraint...

Just a T-shirt ?
You are my heroine of moderation.

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, I'm still feeling the high!

Hi Chaya, well don't give me too much credit. I was mostly too busy yappin' to sniff. And we didn't go to Barneys or LuckyScent. And I'm planning a trip back soon. ;O)

tmp00 said...

As you are I'm sure well aware I'm always up for a trip there!

Tried the MDCI's: pretty rich stuff as I remember.

When did luckyscent send out the samples? Was I in a coma at that point? Or was I just late? (Grrrr, MTA! I could have literally walked faster home and back)

Victoria said...

Hi Tom, The samples were kinda passed around on the sly. By the time someone brought them by our table, we didn't even get the names. There was a very nice vanilla. I can't remember much else. We didn't actually get samples.

I'm jonesing for that Heeley Spirit of the Tiger, so I'll be wanting to come north soon. :O)

TMH256 said...

Hi Victoria!

It was so nice to meet you at Sniffapalooza! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Kudos to you for taking time to write so thoroughly about our wonderful day on Saturday.

Thank you also for the Anne Pliska samples!! I am positively swooning and I wrote about it today. And I am officially adding your blog to my favorite sites. Thanks again!


Victoria said...

Thank you my dear Tamara! I just read your wonderful review! I'll be linking you up shortly! This one has been my HG for 20, yes TWENTY years now!! I so love when it is "discovered" by someone like yourself! Btw: Only LuckyScent has the new formula cream, the one in the sample.