Friday, February 02, 2007

Scent of the Day - Friday - 02/02/07

Happy Friday! Today I'm wearing Hawaii and dreaming of escape! What are you wearing?


aryse said...

It's incredible Victoria....

Today I am wearing ESCAPE by Calvin Klein :-) :-) :-)

Good week-end dear

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

TDC Jamine de Nuit for me today. *dreamy*

Have a nice weekend. Only 1 more week til Sniffapalooza!

Dawn :)

greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria! I have to get to the mall this weekend and sniff Hawaii...Guerlain Chamade for me again today. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

besotted said...

Hi Vic, it's magnificent Musc Ravageur for me today - rrrowrrrr! Enjoy your Friday,

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Hi ! I really didn't know what to wear . So I settles for Hiris by Hermes. It love it -
Have a good W-E. Try not to think about work !

chaya ruchama said...

Today I'm wearing My Sin parfum... to the gym !
[I'll bet my yoga mat will love me, lol !]

Only we few madfolk perfume ourselves for no other reason than...
We can-
We love to-
It makes us happy-
It's more important than fancy clothes...
Who cares what you look like, if you don't smell good, hmmm?

Enjoy the weekend, dear friends-

Victoria said...

HI JP, I was a big Escape fan back in the day, I haven't tried it in years. Have a nice weekend!

HI Dawn, yes see you soon! I'm so excited!

HI Greeneyes, Chamade is a favorite of mine too as you know! Enjoy your weekend!

HI Terry, Happy friday to you too, have a lovely weekend!

HI Madelyn, Hiris has been a popular choice this week for many. Have a lovely day!

HI Chaya my dear! Yes smelling good is important - even at the gym. Have a lovely day!

Cara said...

Today it was Guerlain's Shalimar for me.

Have a lovely weekend!


Shannon said...

I'm wearing Trouble today. Nice and sweet, and I got one compliment too!

MarkDavid said...

It was Hiris again for me too, today! Its popular because its perfect!! Love it.

And just when I thought it had died down and was undetectable (which takes only an hour on me, sadly)someone commented on how good I smelled. Which I thought was amazing b/c It had been hours since I sprayed it.