Sunday, February 25, 2007

Scent of the Day - Weekend

Today - Sunday - I'm just testing some samples.
Still haven't figured out what I want to do for fun!

What are you up to today & what are you wearing?


besotted said...

Hi Miss Vic, today I'm wearing divine Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman.

Enjoy your Saturday!
Best to all,

Madelyn E said...

Happy Birthday Dear Victoria !!!

Wish I could share a glass of champagne and delicious cake w you -
I am celebrating the 40th birthday of my friend Renee today in Manhattan woth 9 others
Broadway show ---
Dinner -- China Grill !
a gift from her loving husband ---
She likes, Poeme, Turquoise, Dolce And Gabbana ;
Will be getting some vanilla buttercream cupcakes for her
at Magnolia Bakery ..
Sunday - my French language group Brunch - en francais !
I will be wearing Hermes Vetiver Tonka layered w Povre Samarkand ~
How are you celebrating ?

Linda said...

Is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday!! Wish you were here -- it's a girly pampering day, with hair salon and manicure, and then a little sniffa with Tamara, whom I met in LA! This morning I'm wearing Ginestet Botrytis, and by the end of the weekend, I bet I'll have worn several others!

Have a wonderful day!
Linda B-D

Jeannemarie said...

Happy Birthday to You!

Today I am wearning the warm, incensy Bois de Armenie by Guerlain. The dry down is so interesting, I can't help but sniff this as I head to the post office to drop of a fragrance package for a friend in New York . . .

Enjoy your day! As usual, I love your reviews.

MarkDavid said...

Victoria!! Happy Birthday, Darling!!

Today it is Bvlgari Omnia for me. Spicy and creamy, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vic!

Fleur d'Narcisse (L'Artisan) for this beautiful Saturday.

Hi Terry.... I wore Cuir Ottoman to bed last night. God I just love that drydown. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Parisjasmal said...

Whheeeee--Is today your Birthday?
I hope you are having a blessed and joyous day!

Today I am wearing Donna Karen Black Cashmere.

Wonderful B-day Wishes!

katiedid said...

Frank LA (was wearing yesterday, too) but now it's getting chilly, so I know I'm going to change it before evening comes... thinking perhaps Organza Indecence will hit the spot instead. (A fickle one, I am!)

katiedid said...

Oh! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too, if the mob of comments is right! Have a good one!

chaya ruchama said...

Happy Birthday, dear lady !
Sorry to be so tardy- I'm at the salt mines this w/e..

Wearing Genie des Bois.

I hope you have a glorious day...

[You guys smell goood]

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Victoria,
Love anna L

Victoria said...

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I still cna't seem to come up with a plan of what I want to do. Just being off work and relaxing is nice for today. I'm sure we will go to a fancy dinner out one night. What I'd really like is a trip to the Scent Bar!

besotted said...

Vic, Happy Birthday dear! I'm sorry if I missed it - the POL calendar is confusing me, it has your birthday listed as the 27th. Anyway, hope you have(had) a wonderful, wonderful day and that you have been celebrating like there's no tomorrow. For today (Sunday) I'm wearing Habit Rouge.

Hi Dawnie! Oh, that Cuir Ottoman - it's aaaallll about the drydown!

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, it's four day celebration! LOL, but yes, the actual day is Tuesday the 27th. Me and Liz Taylor! :O)

linda said...

Hi again, Victoria! How nice to spread the celebration over several days! Today I'm trying samples of OJ Tolu on one arm (thank you!), and Tom Ford's Black Orchid on the other. I am enjoying both! I also fell for L'Artisan's Bois Farine on my little sniffa yesterday. So many choices; so little time!! :) Enjoy your birthday!

Madelyn E said...

Dear Vic,
Went to Nordstroms Friday night -- Discovered that they have a display with many pure perfume's... So i sampled Champs Elysee, L'heure Bleue, Shalimar .
Parfum is so luxurious !

Enjoy .. Pisces

violetnoir said...

Happy Birthday, lovely Victoria!


Flora said...

Happy Birthday! I tried to post a comment on Saturday but Blogger was acting up.

My weekend frag was testing Molinard's Verveine - extremely green, but I love that.