Friday, February 16, 2007

Sky - Gendarme - Review

The newest release from Gendarme is Sky, set to debut May 2007. Those of us lucky enough to attend the LA Sniffapalooza were gifted with a generous 10ml decant PREVIEW of the lovely new scent. Not to mention getting to personally meet Topper Schroeder. I was fortunate enough to have a little chat with him at lunch and found him interesting, kind and gracious.

The juice is a pale sky blue. No notes were given, but to my nose there is a lot of bergamot in the opening, and that being one of my favorite notes, is probably why this one is so appealing.

Over all I would call this an "Aquatic" having said that, I began to wonder the difference between Aquatic and Ozone notes. While smelling this my initial reaction is aquatic, but with a name like Sky, I guess it would be safer to say it's an ozone note. And I must say if there is a difference in the two, my mind cannot summon the other while smelling this one. Either way you get the drift. The drydown remains aquatic, but what seems to be a peppered wood comes into play.

I realize many are adverse to these fresh scents, but this one is very well done and I think it will be quite lovely on a Spring day, in fact it is quite lovely on this day in warm sunny Southern California today.

For comparison you might like to read the lovely description written on the For The Love OF ... blog. Funny, my impression is this is a Feminine fragrance that might work Unisex, as you will see she feels the opposite: SKY - Review


colombina said...

I see "Labels" under the posts, so it tells me you moved successfully? Congratulations! :-)

Sky sounds lovely.

Victoria said...

Yes, I'm moved! Thanks for the encouragement!

TMH256 said...

Excellent Victoria. So funny how our noses react to scent when we're not given the notes, eh? Aquatic and ozone both fit. This one is really hard to pin down for me. I do enjoy it though and it sounds like you did, also!