Monday, April 02, 2007

Scent of the Day - Monday 04-02-07

Do tell how was the NYC SNIFFA??
Today I'm wearing Andy Tauer's new one:
Reverie au jardin
Official word - It is DELISH!!!


besotted said...

V honey, Sniffa was the BOMB ALMIGHTY! Among the divine ones I met: (and schmoozed, and kissed, and hugged, and kissed some more) Chaya, and darling sweet Juvy and Madelyn and MarkDavid, you sweetheart babydoll you!! - the sniffing was fun but it can't hold a candle to meeting these lovely ones in person. This is something I could do once a week and never get tired of it!

Wearing my Sniffa purchase, CB I Hate Perfume Patchouli Empire, rich and loamy and dry with the clean earthy smell of roots freshly pulled from the soil.

Have a great day all,
Terry xxxooo

MarkDavid said...

omg this was one of the best weekends ever. meeting people who were just as insane about perfume as I am - people who could locate neroli within a 25 mile radius. These people, what can I say? I love every one of them. Juvy and Terry and I went to Barneys after Saks on Sat - Barneys wasn't part of the package this year - but I wanted to smell the Malles. We had such a blast, I'm still overwhelmed. Madelyn was a delight. And Chaya. Omg Chaya. This woman - amazing. We've already chosen each other as Opera buddies for life.

Terry, I miss you already! And I sooo needed your advice on Villoresi's Alamut on Sunday. I was going to buy it but Aedes was out.

More to come, I'm off to school for the day.

Love, M

Vic, in the fall - you must come, no excuses. We need you with us.

MarkDavid said...

Oh, and I'm wearing one of my sniffa purchases - SMN Melograno.

Madelyn said...

Hello and fragrant kisses to you V and to of course my darling Chaya, Terry and MarkDavid. I just loved finally neeting you all !
V, the NY Sniffa was fabulous, I bought Chanel No. 22 PARFUM !!
yES I found it at Saks !! It is better and more exquisite than I imagined !
The Karens, the perfumes, the goodies, the lunches meeting fellow perfume lovers, being interviewed for a internet TV clip... I could go on and on . it was such a wonderful experience .
I met Dr. James Dotson, from California. fascinating and charming man, Dr. Dorothy Mccall of Kingsbury fragrances - lovely.
Also had the chance to speak with Bond No. 9's founder . the extraordinary Laurice Rahme !
What a creative genius .
I enjoyed Takashimaya- eveen as a New Yorker - it was my first visit !
I am eyeing the new Guerlains . Iris Ganache and the sensual oil .
the latter just made me swoon !
So many others I enjoyed meeting.
Anyway Vic, I thought of you - you were with me in spitit !
I did have lunch with a lovely young woman Roxana - who said she met you at the LA Sniffa !
Today it's Chanel no. 22 - it is beyond gorgeous !

besotted said...

Mark honey, I miss you too! I can't wait for our next get together, it won't come a moment too soon. And you are so right - we DO need our lovely Vic at the next one, stat!

Now, about that Alamut...I get florals and spices on a warm animalic base, and I would think that it would be gorgeous on you as you wear flowers and spicy rich notes very well. How about that ruby red bottle?! Did you get to sniff Piper Nigrum too? You are smelling fantastic today, the Melograno was to die for on you. Enjoy your Sniffa swag, baby!

Madelyn, you lovely, enjoy your 22!!

chaya ruchama said...

Blogger ate my commentary- so I'll be brief.

I love you all- you rock my world.
I'd welcome you into my home anytime, mishpochah -by -choice !

Miss Madelyn was a hostess/ bosom buddy [LOVE thae bosom part !]par excellence.
What a hostess.

I'm still on cloud nine- but pooped !
Like the rest of you.
Blowing HUGE kisses to all-

Good thing you weren't there, Vic.
I would have squooshed the daylights out of you, then thrown you over my shoulder, like the rape of the Sabine women, lol...

Victoria said...

Ok, can I BE any more GREEN???? I'm so jealous of you all!!! I wanted to be there! Ahhh and Juvy too!! I want to hug you all and I want the Sniffa Swag!!! Are there pics??

Flora said...

Oh, I am SO envious! Sounds just divine.

Just good old Le Couvent Orange Blossom for me today. A dreary day, so I pretended it was really spring.

I want me some of that Melograno!

MarkDavid said...

I just had to inform you all that I just took a shower with my Melograno soap (I bought that, too).

All things considered, I think it was the most delightful experience I've ever had in the shower.



lindabd said...

Dang. For me, no Sniffa and no new sniffa purchases! It sounds like this one was fab-u-lous, though! I'm enjoying all the reports!

My scent today was Angel -- a verrrry old favorite from its first release. I enjoy revisiting it (with a very light touch, of course!)from time to time,and I am reminded how much I like wearing it. It was just right today. :)


Victoria said...

Oy Linda, it drives me crazy we weren't there! Maybe for the next one in the fall?

chaya ruchama said...

I want to be in the shower with MarkDavid !!!
[Can Terry and Mad come along too?]

Victoria said...

Chaya, you are drunk on perfume! There will be no group showering on my blog! (Without me, anyways)


lindabd said...

Yes, V! As soon as we know the fall dates, I'm checking the calendar and will do my best to be there! I don't know about all this shower hoopla, but it will be fun to sniff with you again and meet some of these other guys! We might need a Scottsdale fix in the meantime, though. :)


Arhianrad said...

VIC! I've been told I should say hi!


we missed you at Sniffapalooza. :( (pout)