Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amarige Mariage - Givenchy - Review

EXCLUSIVE!! The first of two new fragrances to be released this summer by Givenchy is Amarige Mariage. It is supposed to be the "wedding fragrance" that gives Vera Wang a run for the money. Somehow they missed the mark with this Prada/Flowerbomb smell-a-like. A heavy patchouli opening over white florals, this immediately brings to mind either of the two aforementioned fragrances. It lacks identity. It is not unique, nor is it "wedding-like" in my book. A sparkling rich floral bouquet with different florals fading in and out, or even a nice developing soliflore would have stood a better chance. I don't think Vera needs to be concerned.

However if you like these type of fragrances, you will find this pleasing enough. I did get a compliment on it when I wore it to work. Good sillage and nice lasting ability with quite a lovely drydown once the patchouli settles down.

Notes: Sicilian bitter orange, Calabrian bergamot
Mid: Magnolia and Egyptian jasmine
Base: Ppatchouli, Siam benzoin, Sandalwood.

Release Date: July 2006

Photo: Royal Mirage Dubai/Givenchy Spa


colombina said...

Heavy patchouli doth not a wedding fragrance make :-) I will pass on this one (not that I need a wedding scent anyway). Thank you very much for another exclusive review!

elve said...

i think it should be Amarige Mariage, not Mirage :)

Victoria said...

You are so right!! Thank you!!!

PanaMax said...

Hi,¿Do you know the mannequin ´s name,for the graphic campaigne ?

Victoria said...

Not sure which model you mean. If that is what you mean. Heidi Klum did a campagn. Also Eva Herzigova did one.

PanaMax said...

Hi,Amarige Mariage ´s campaign model´s name.