Friday, June 02, 2006

Should I be worried that the diet tea my friend brought me to try says:

No Additives - No Conservatives??

Is it just too liberal for me?

Maybe the mudflap girls should have been the first clue?

I dunno.


Anonymous said...

You should be worried not because of the "conservatives" but because of the laxative effects of dieter's tea. My grandmother gave me dieter's tea one night about 13 years ago and I didn't know that dieter's tea = laxatives and my god, I thought I had appendicitis that night because of the laxative effect. It was horrible. Proceed with caution.


Victoria said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks, yes I knew of that possible side effect, but this seems to be mild. I've taken it for 3 days now will no side effects, except for the uncontrollable desire to vote the democratic slate ballot.

Anonymous said...

*****uncontrollable desire to vote the democratic slate ballot.*******

>>> LOL!


Cait Shortell said...


Flora said...

ROTFL - what are mudflap girls doing on a bottle like this?? Bada BING! :-D

Victoria said...

Flora, hahaha! I wasn't even thinking about Bada BING!!!

Anonymous said...

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