Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 06/15/06

Ohhhh I can't tell you what I'm wearing!! It's a PREVIEW of another new release!! How lucky am I to get to preview two new fragrances before their release dates?????

Not as popular of a house as Guerlain, but still a major Paris Perfume name. No guessing, because I'm not spilling the beans until my review - coming soon!

What are you wearing today??


besotted said...

Vic, I'm dyin! Can't wait to get the 411...
Today I'm wearing Etro Sandalo, lovely, warm and dry.
Have a great day,

Victoria said...

Oh sorry T!! Well it's a fashion house. Does that help? LOL.

I'm sorry!! I hate not having the scoop either. But I really want to present it in a review.

anna said...

A fashion house,hmm?
Chanel? Valentino? Gucci? What is left? Balenciaga? I give up!!! Ok one more time, Tom Ford for EL?
Well anyway, here is my perfume for the day , I have an oldie, is Tiempe Passate, not bad at all.

besotted said...

Not to worry Vic, having your review to look forward to more than makes up for the wait! Plus waiting builds character (:

Christina H. said...

Can't wait for your review! You have me on pins and needles!Okay, I'm wearing YSL Paris Premieres Roses.

greeneyes said...

Ooohhh! Exciting new and top-secret stuff! How fun!

Today I'm wearing Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vetyver Haiti. Mark this day on your calendar, because I'll never wear it again. :-/

Have a wonderful day!

Heikke said...

I'm watching too much football in the moment. Rain by MJ for me today

Have a good weekend

Victoria said...

Ahhh greeneyes a vetiver you don't like? Those CSP can be tricky.

Victoria said...

Anna, all I will say is you are a bad guesser. :o) I love Tiempe Passate, at least once the cedar balast settles down, then it is so creamy, so lovely, just beautiful.

Jenny said...

I like secrets! Today I wear Knowing a wonderful chypre fragrance, I think you can call it a classic.

greeneyes said...

The second vetiver I don't like, actually. I didn't like the Guerlain on me at all, but it was easier to be nice about that one. ;-p

colombina said...

A new Chanel? Ooh, is it a new Chanel?? *bites nails*

Anyway, wearing Anthousa Fig & Vetiver..

Or is it Dior? YSL? Gucci? Do tell!!

Victoria said...

No and no, no, no.