Monday, June 19, 2006

Scent Bar - Saturday Sniffing

We pulled into Farmer's Market at NOON!!! It took TWO hours to get there, which it normally takes 45 minutes. OY! Traffic was just crazy for a Friday morning! And you wonder why I don't go to LA on the weekends??? I can't even imagine! It's 45 miles away and so much hassle, people just avoid going. Sad really. Especially for a perfume lover! The Scent Bar and Barneys, alas!

But the Strawberry waffles at Farmer's Market were great, as always. I have been going there to the same stand for 30 years. Although the area around the Market has been modernized they have left the Market just as it has always been, and that makes it feel very welcoming and comfortable. And the fresh fruit and veggies abound! It is always my first stop on any trip to LA.

Across the parking lot, close to the CBS studio, is a small beauty supply store that just happens to carry an amazing niche line. To give you an idea: Miller Harris, Keiko Mecheri, Sage, Demeter, Robert Piguet, MPG, CSP, Laura Tonatto, Loranzo Villoresi, just to name a few that come to mind. The name is Beauty Apothecary, and I scored Laura Tonatto Ambrosia parfum and L'Erbolario Honeysuckle for about $20. total. Both on clearance, buy one item get 2nd free. Dawn bought 2 Historie fragrances, big bottles! We did a lot of sniffing, I'm sorry but I can't even remember what all, one was the new Sage Coral, which neither of us liked. And while meaning to re-try Bandit, I accidentally lavished my arm with Fracas! Ack!! needless to say most things smelled like tuberose after that. Even after washing up in the restroom.

Ok, on to the Scent Bar - where we were greeted by the lovely elizabeth, who is so sweet and charming, and knowledgeable on all the scents. She was very patient with us as we there close to two hours sniffing and chatting, it was just great.

Many of the new Lucky Scent items had not made their way to the Scent Bar for sniffing. Elizabeth explained to us that they needed the stock on hand to fill the orders that are flying off the Lucky Scent website for the new items. So there was none of the Mazzolari on hand to try, but she did just happen to give me her last samples trying later. So that worked out!

After much sniffing and debate, I ended up buying Heeley Eau de Menthe which I will review later. And PdN Eau D'Ete, which I have been wanting for summer since my decant is almost gone, I love this stuff!

Dawn bought the mint too. She was undecided between the Divine L’âme Sœur and Mathis Tuberose, which smelled pretty good on her for a tuberose. In fact I liked it too. Which will shock any of you that know me, I'm not a fan of tuberose.

It was a lovely perfume day in spite of the traffic, we had a great time. We both too cameras, but neither remembered to take any pictures! Perfume lovers have a one track mind I guess!


Heikke said...

That was a great day!!

besotted said...

Thanks for the sniffalogue, Vic, I enjoyed that. Lovely to read about you two beauties' adventures!

Victoria said...

Heikke, yes we have a little bit of good shopping here too. :O) You need to come and check it out!

Victoria said...

We had a great time Terry! You are always welcome, I'd love to sniff with you!

Anonymous said...

The truth is we looked like perfume "warriors" by day's end and there was no way I wanted my pic taken. (( LOL )) **I can't speak for Victoria though** She fared much better than I did by day's end.

We had a fabulous time despite our rocky start that a.m.

The Heeley Eau de Menthe is so refreshing and cool. Like a glass of mint-iced-tea on a hot summer day. I never would have tested this one if Vic had not mentioned it.