Wednesday, June 07, 2006

100% Love {MORE} - S-Perfume

What can be MORE than 100%? Well 100% Love {MORE} of course!

Last year when I tried 100% Love, I immediately fell in love. One of those times when wow, it hits you, this is different. This one is special. Then you run around like a crazy person sending samples to everyone and wearing it everyday. You love it, you want to bathe in it, in fact you want a big huge vat of it. And because this scent was so delicate and ethereal I wanted a lot MORE of it. More oomph, more Love to love!

100% Love was included in my pick of the Best of 2005. You can read my review of the original by Clicking Here.

Well the angels heard my prayers - soon rumors of a stronger version of 100% Love were circulating. And now I finally have the sample in my hot little hands! And what do I want? More of course! I want a whole bottle! It has the same qualities of the original but it's more beefy. Loosing some of its airy ethereal feeling, this version has more presence, more sillage. Still velvety smooth, like rose water on skin, and a bit more chocolately. The incense note that eluded me in the original is slightly more detectable here. What can be more romantic than roses and chocolate and incense? If you loved 100% Love, I'm sure you will love the {More} version too. One of the most unique fragrances I have ever smelled.

You can find the new {MORE} version here: 100% Love {MORE}

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katiedid said...

Oh yay! I can comment now! (Stupid Blogger was down for a bit.) I am SO glad I am not the only one who felt the incense and chocolate were more palpable - I was starting to think I was just nuts. It's still not my cup of tea, but this was a lovely review V.

colombina said...

It is beautiful, I absolutely adore it.

Victoria said...

Blogger has been very, very bad!!
Thanks for your comments guys. I must own this one soon!