Monday, June 26, 2006

Lonestar Memories - Tauer Perfumes - Review

"... it’s the scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire. I want it to be fresh and light, yet lasting and powerful...." - Andy Tauer

This fragrance starts out with a dry, strong leather note that brings to mind my childhood days of going to my friend's farm where we would ride horses on the weekends. It smells of my heavy Buena Vista saddle that I could barely lift and all the leather tack we used.

My husband proclaimed after I offered my hand for a sniff, "Wow, that's masculine." And well ... yes it is. Leather by its very nature is masculine. And many women find that sexy for their men as well as for themselves.
As the composition dries down it begins to soften. There is a lightly smoky aroma that reminds me of burning hickory, oak and maple leaves and twigs we would gather from our yard and then burn in big metal barrels back in the day. Slowly the leather softens into a softer sueded leather like the lining of a glove sweetened by the wearer's perfume. A lovely silky drydown that lingers is the final saga of this well crafted fragrance. Those who fear this scent may be too strong, may still want to consider adding this one to their collection. It layers nicely, adding that much sought after leather richness to any of your regular favorites.

Green and spicy head notes: Geranium, Carrot seed, Clary sage
Smoky leathery heart notes: Birchtar, Cistus, Jasmine, Cedar wood
Fine woody body notes: Myrrh, Tonka, Vetiver, Sandalwood

Available in Europe from Tauer Perfumes - Click here: Lonestar Memories

Or in the USA from Lucky Scent - Click here: Lonestar Memories

Images and quote from Tauer Perfumes.
Thank you Colombina for the sample.


colombina said...

Wonderful review! "There is a lightly smoky aroma that reminds me of burning hickory, oak and maple leaves and twigs..." That so very well describes a stage of Lonestar!

Victoria said...

Thanks, too bad my words don't always flow so smoothly.

The drydown on this is so lovely, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

I don't know about the scent but I love the male model. What a gorgeous man.


Victoria said...


Heikke said...

yeah, that sounds good