Saturday, June 17, 2006

Scent of the Day - Saturday - 06/16/06

Very Busy weekend for me! Stay tuned for new reviews coming soon!
Meanwhile I'm wearing my new
Heeley Eau de Menthe From my trip with Dawn to the Scent Bar in Los Angeles Yesterday. Don't worry I'll fill you all in on our adventures as soon as I find a spare minute!!

What are you wearing on this warm weekend?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic!!!

It's so hot today! I think your Heeley scent is perfect for this weather. That is a really refreshing scent.

Alan and I have been doing errands most of the day so no scent for me until tonight and I think I'll opt for Blush.

Take care and I had a great "adventure" with you yesterday.


besotted said...

Hi Vic, today I wore the delectable Christian Diore Eau Noire. It's quite similar in character to Goutal's Sables. I think I see a full bottle in my future... :)

Look forward to hearing all about the sniffing fest you beauties had!

Flora said...


TDC Rose Poivree for me today - WOW this is a fantastic perfume!

Victoria said...

Hey Flora! Lucky Scent has it on sale right now if you are interested!

Flora said...

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for the tip! My budget won't bear it right now, but I have put it on my Top 10 wish list for Christmas/Birthday/Arbor Day, whatever. :-)