Thursday, June 29, 2006

L'Eau de Tubereuse - Mathias Paris - Review


Well Tuberose and I have never gotten along. A smidgen of it buried deep in a composition may sometimes slip by unnoticed. But Fracas and I are not friends. So why I even picked up and tried a bottle of tuberose perfume is beyond me. Maybe we perfume enthusiasts must sniff everything; or maybe it was fate. The strangest thing happened ... I liked it. Ok, I thought my nose must be off, I'm not being faked out by some tuberose perfume pretending to be sheer and delicate. Ha! I put it down and refused to consider buying it. But humm my wrist did smell nice. Maybe I'll take a sample home and try again. And TRY I did. And BUY I did.

Mathias has composed tuberose the way Marc Jacobs composed Jasmine in Blush, with a cool watery feel, like tuberose blossoms floating in water. It smells fresh not heady or indolic, but rather; cool, creamy smooth. I am finding that most of the summer florals that I love have this same watery cool feel. Especially true of the Ormonde Jayne soliflores. Like lying on a float in a cool pool on a summer day surrounded by blossoms floating in the water. What a lovely peaceful image this scent invokes for me.

So NEVER SAY NEVER, because I'm here to tell you that the right combination of notes can make tuberose smell divine! So if you love summer florals but always found tuberose too heady and indolic for your taste, try this interpretation. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

photo: Lucky Scent


Ina said...

Thanks for the review! I don't think I've tried it but I do love MJ Blush.

Victoria said...

If you love and adore tuberose, I doubt you will like this - This is the tuberose for people who don't do tuberose. :O)

katiedid said...

You thought much more highly of it than I, dear V. I'm afraid it struck me as jaw-achingly sweet, and I can't say I felt much more than "meh" about it. I think you must wear sweet scents very well?

Victoria said...

Yes, I love sweets. Dry is the one I can't wear well. But I'm all over the place. My wallet would thank me to be a little more discriminating! :O)

Cait Shortell said...

Wow, must try. I do love tuberose but I still want to try this.