Tuesday, June 06, 2006

S-eX - S-Perfume

This fragrance blew me away. It was in a word ... unexpected.

This is not cumin or civet or indolic. This is not Boudoir or Kingdom or Dinner. This is sex. And in a different way than that which I have come to expect. It is a masculine scent, but not like the category; but rather as in - masculinity itself. It made me feel restless and I'm not sure if this is something I could ever wear, but rather dream of a lover wearing it. It is hands on bare skin, the warmth of breath on your neck, the scent of a worn a cotton shirt that gives you goose bumps when you smell it.

Created by Christophe Laudamiel. Does it live up to its name? Absolutely.

Notes from the S-Perfume website:
Net Quantity: 60ml / 2 oz. Notes: salt, oxygen, spirit of life, camellia, willow, white leather, skin musk, malt, strawberry, baroque musk, black leather Scent

More S-Perfume reviews to follow - stay tuned this week!
Photo used with permission - S-Perfume


Heikke said...

I think I need this for the summer is it good You make it sound so nice and sexyyyyyyyy

Victoria said...

It is sexy, but dang girl! I had to wash it off to get to sleep!

Cait Shortell said...

Wow, Victoria. Your description makes me want to revisit this. I think it's the willow. I have this theory that tree sap is extremely sexy.

Victoria said...

I'm thinking this is one that hits people in different ways. Anyway it knocked my socks off. ;o)

I intentionally didn't read others' reviews of it till I finished mine. When I did, I didn't notice that it really hit anyone else that way. So I dunno.

Flora said...

Wow - is it hot in here or is it just the s-e-x?? I must try this!

"Spirit of Life" is an ingredient? - that sounds kinda creepy to anyone who has read the Patrick Suskind novel "Perfume", LOL

Victoria said...

Flora, LOL, I agree. Just a made up name for a nice synthetic, but whatever it is, it is nice!

Anonymous said...

When I first bought it, it didnt smell like I thought it would. At first, I didn't really understand the smell, and I can even say I didnt like it, but then again I was forced to smell it again and again. My nose is not very trained, but I could definetely feel the saltiness on my palate,the smell resembled something I had smelled before, and it made me uneasy. Before going to bed, I sprayed some on my skin and went to sleep. During the night, the fragance possessed me. I dreamt about my grandmother's house, and its baroque adornments; it brought back many faces, and a longing for that ancient house. I saw all my kin reunited, but it didnt end here. Soon enough, the dream turned into a debauched party, with my younger cousisn being the wildest, dirtiest hedonists on the face of earth. It was very strange because I carried that feeling through the next day. At Work, one co-worker mentioned it smelled like the secret, personal smell of ovulation. she told me it was weird, and i swear i didnt mention anything to her!

Victoria said...

Very interesting interpretation! Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and dreams!)