Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Guerlain Insolence Update!

I have just received word that this lovely fragrance will be making its debut even sooner then expected. The word is now that SAKS will have Insolence pre-sales beginning on July 1st. The shipment should reach store shelves by the 15th.

Insolence - Guerlain's newest fragrance scheduled for release in the USA in August. It comes in a lovely round bottom rolley-polley glass falcon with pinkish-violet juice. According to a Guerlain spokesperson, rather than having top-middle-base notes, the fragrance was crafted to have a spiral effect. Violets, iris and berries are the notes I can pick out. I would not say this Guerlain has the Guerlaide feel to it, but lovers of Apres L'Ondee will find it familiar. Like a heartier version with iris and berry. The sillage and lasting ability are quite good.

I have to say I think Guerlain missed the mark here, the juice should have been more violet. Violet to reflect the violets and iris in the composition. The color violet would also help bridge the age gap between teenagers and older adults. I'm afraid this might be dismissed as another "young" fragrance otherwise. In as much as so many celebrity scents as of late have been pink. However I'm sure the ads will try to appeal to both with Hilary Swank being chosen as the spokesperson/model.

I'm totally in love with this unique new fragrance and have been wearing it all weekend. It is the kind of scent that keeps you glued to your wrist and makes you want to keep applying more, even when you don't need to. I think Guerlain has a future hit here. Finally a USA release that has elegance, staying power and potential, worthy of a great house such as Guerlain.

Special thanks to my friend who gave me the opportunity to have an advanced preview.

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