Friday, June 09, 2006

Sloth - S-Perfume

Sloth opens with a brief citrus burst, which I am guessing is Bergamot, followed by a nice Orange Blossom which persists and is the main theme of the fragrance.

After a while a greenish note comes into play. Something that to me smells of flower stems. Like when you unwrap cut flowers and can smell the green stems as well as the blossoms.

The drydown is a creamy vanilla reminiscent of Boucheron Trouble. Very soft and nice.

A very nice compilation despite its somewhat slovenly sounding name.

This scent was created by Thierry Wasser, Sloth was developed as an art scent for the olfactory installation of the Seven Deadly Sins. You can read more about the project HERE.

You can find S-Perfume Lust and Sloth here: SLOTH

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colombina said...

I love this one so much, such a melancholy scent, beautiful.

Victoria said...

I agree, it is very beautiful