Sunday, January 01, 2006

100% Love - S-Perfume

100% LOVE - By S-Perfume, a small independent perfume company in NYC. A fragrance described as having "the wet velvety skin of rose petals in water", demands to be tried. Ethereal is the perfect one word description of this fragrance. I'm not sure if there are aldehydes here, but to me it smells like a faint mist of rose water with aldehydes. Truly the scent of angels. I am completely taken by surprise and 100% smitten.

100% Love Notes from the
S-Perfume website:
Notes: The pulpy erotic part of a secret red fruit, the soft and wet velvety skin of rose petals in water, and a mystical "concoction" of incense and black chocolate.
Scent Created by Sophia Grojsman

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