Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scent of the Day - Tuesday - 01/30/07

Today I'm testing Space NK Melodrama. What are you wearing today?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

Chanel's Bois Des Iles. My current favorite. It's a perfect all around scent. I can wear it with jeans or I can wear it for a night out.

I've never heard of Space NK. Is that a new niche brand?


Victoria said...

BDI really is a classic. I love it too. I have a tiny parfum, I nedd to spring for a larger size one of these days. :O)

Space NK is a brand from the UK. I may review this soon, not sure, I'm so behind!

greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria! Andy's L'Air du Desert Morocain today.

Happy Tuesday to all...

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
Today , ( I'm still flu-laden) believe it or not. I think I may spring for Frangipani by Chantecaille.
Dawn - Bois Des Iles - is my favorite . It is perfection. Victoria, the parfum sells for 1/2 ounce for about $160. at the NY Chanel 57th Street Store I would favor it over over the EDT.
BTW Victoria, Monday you said you wanted to drink tea, sniff scents etc .
What kind of tea do you like ? Just wondering ? I am a coffee lover .
Have a good day !

Cara said...

Today it's KenzoAmour.


Victoria said...

Good morning all!

Marelyn, I used to drink a lot of black tea and I thought that was my favorite. Now I have discovered Oolong and black just isn't as good. Plus oolong helps with weight loss and has more antioxidents than black.

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I'm wearing soothing, cuddly Helmut Lang edp today. Have a great day!

Heikke said...

Kenzo amour.
I'm not so sure about the Space perfumes, guess most of them I don't like

Victoria said...

This Melodrama is very perfumey - but I like that sometimes.

So both my Dutch friends with Kenzo eh??


chaya ruchama said...

Hi, Vic !
Madelyn- I'm so sorry you're still under the weather...

Close to Kenzo, today.
Rykiel Woman is violet, dates, incense, leather...
Very soft.
Take care, all...

Madelyn E said...

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for the tea update . I trst your taste in perfume - so I would trust your recommendations with tea. I have a Twinings Oolong - but I'm not crazy about it. Guess I just have to keep on switching brands !
Chaya, thank you -I've been ill w the flu - (this former nurse knows when it's time to go back to work ) !
I am very curious about Rykiel Woman - I love Violet . I like Rykiel man - alot for a man.
I am now esconced with Irish tea w milk and splenda !

MarkDavid said...

Madelyn, get some loose-leaf Oolong and I think you'll love it. It's my favorite too, Vic!

Today I'm still unscented s of yet but I do have a wrist with Luctor et Emergo on it. I'm re-sampling it after reading Robin's AMAZE review at NST. I still don't think I "get" this fragrance.

I'm holding out putting anything else on until the mail comes with hopefully, a bunch of samples.

Victoria said...

The Oolong I like best is Ti Kuan Yin also called Iron Goddess of Mercy. Delish.

Oh and speaking of tea English style, I just read that putting milk in your tea canels out some of the good antioxident effects. So that is a no-no.

Been hearing lots of good stuff about Rykiel Woman. :O)

MarkDavid said...

I've never been a fan of milk in tea anyway so I guess thats good. I drink a cup of oolong every morning and a cup of white tea every afternoon. I buy from Teavana, usually.

Victoria said...

I find Teavana to be so overpriced! I do like a couple of their blends though. I usually buy from Adagio or Ambrosia. Ambrosia's white peony is my favorite white.

MarkDavid said...

ambrosia white peony - that sounds delightful. I'll have to search for them. I also buy a lot from The House of Tea here in Philadelphia. I've grown very fond of the woman who owns it.

Victoria said...

I think we need a tea chat blog. LOL

Awile back I odered this tea from ebay that was touted as "ruin you for life" oolong. In that it was so good you would never be able to drink regular oolong again. Special harvest, high mountain, yada yada. I do admit it was delish. Although I don't think it ruined me. However, I would like to try again. LOL

anna said...

Hi, Victoria,
Bvlgari Blv is an old one
But i like it.
heikke i left you a message in yesterdays post.

Flora said...

I really needed my mojo today, so it was Josephine for me. So classy!