Wednesday, January 03, 2007

L'Instant - Secret Touch - Guerlain - Review

Well as you saw on my Best of 2006 list, I have fallen under the spell of this charming little genie bottle! So adorable. Since getting the news of the release of this from the Guerlain newsletter earlier this year, I have been searching for it. No one had any news of it, it is definitely flying low under the radar. Either that or Guerlain is out of ad money with the release of Insolence earlier this year. Anyway, I accidentally stumbled onto it at Perfume Bay, and on sale!

This little lovely is Guerlain's answer to Chanel's Sensual Elixir. Hey, it's working for Chanel, right? So this is L'Instant Parfum in a viscous base which you apply with a brush. So delish!
The adorable genie style bottle is white with gold swirls and sits at a tilt when it finally comes to a rest. It comes in a cream silk pouch accented with tiny violet crystals on the drawstrings. So sweet.

The scent is pure L'Instant parfum, no difference, just a nicer lasting formula due to the unique base. A sensual experience to apply with the tiny brush. L'Instant fans - you MUST add this to your collection!

You can find it right now at:
(By the way the launch date of 2003 refers to the L'Instant fragrance - this formula and bottle are new for 2006)

Here is a link to my previous post and an ad picture from Guerlain as well as Guerlain's ad copy if you are interested. Click HERE.


ladyjicky said...

This looks cute but I would love it if Guerlain did this with their other scents too! I would buy it in Mitsouko, champs elysee, jicky, oh then there is Chamade and Shalimar for the "shalimar girls" too.
Still hot here and no rain Victoria, keep a dancing for us! LOL

The non-blonde said...

Gorgeous. I wish more companies did the same.

Victoria said...

I agree with you both! Thanks for stopping by!