Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bliss 'Spaahh'-kling Body Butter

The ad says, "... evokes the aroma of a fine champagne." Wow that sounds yummy! So I placed my order with Sephora. Humm Champagne? No, I get pine needles. Which is lucky I guess. Upon asking hubby to sniff, he delares ... toilet bowl cleaner. Just thought I'd share.


greeneyes said...

Ha! That's funny...They have one that's vanilla and something. I can't remember! I had a sample and really liked it. Maybe you can exchange if the one you ordered ends up being too "Comet"-like! ;-)

Victoria said...

Hi Greeneyes, oh you have the bergamot one. They are all very heavily scented. I don't mind the pine needle scent, I just have to not wear it to bed with hubby. LOL

ladyjicky said...

Victoria, sounds like something my husband would say too!
Wearing Cassini today.