Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kiss Her - Kiss Cosmetics - Review

KISS HER, fragrance by Kiss Cosmetics contains notes of Wet fig leaves, Crushed Red Peppercorns, Exotic Black Orchid and Vintage Mahogany. With a tag line of "You never forget your first Kiss". This scent is described as "a succulent, wild floriental that entices and seduces like a high energy, a forbidden aphrodisiac."

To launch the new KISS Fragrance Line, Gemini Cosmetics organized a number of promotions in the South East Region of the US at Dillards, Belks and Parisians stores. The promotions in this region included face painting, name that mask contests, tattoo events, free KISS air fresheners, that winning KISS contest, win a t-shirt and several others. Some events had live radio call ins, DJs and live music.

So after all this hoopla and fanfare, what is left? Well a basic fruity floral, sadly, as unforgettable as the rest. It would be nice to see a celebrity really break the mold of these endless parade of celebrity scents. I guess maybe Sarah Jessica Parker came closest to this feat with her Fragrance Lovely. Still they continue to flood the market until it will bare no more I suppose. This one debuted in September and is already at discounters. Heaven forbid anyone really love one of these scents that are doomed. For they won't be around long, but then I guess they are like busses; another one will come along in 15 minutes.


chaya ruchama said...

I'm grateful that you did the sniffing, lol...

Seriously, though- thanks for the review.

Victoria said...

Well sometimes you gotta take one for the team. ;O)