Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 01/11/07

Anne Pliska for me today, what are you wearing?


Cara said...

Today again
L 'Instant Mill├ęsime Iris de Guerlain.


aryse said...

Today Tabac blond by Caron.
One of the best perfumes in the world in my opinion.
And I love perfumes with leather and tobacco.

Very nice day


besotted said...

Hi Vic, it's Aquolina Blue Sugar today. Interesting...It skews on the foody side, has that distinctive Aquolinaide to it, but there's also a lavender note that I'm not quite sure fits completely into the mix. To wear this one you need to love licorice/anise (I do, very much) in frags because it's a pronounced note here.
Aryse, ITA about Tabac Blond, it's a masterpiece!
Have a great day all!

chaya ruchama said...


I think I'll Pliska w/ Vic today...

Smelling good, my friends !

Madelyn E said...

lHi Victoria,
Bois Des Iles . Perfume ! Called Chanel -- Good news . the parfum version of BDI is not being discontinued. What a relief !!

MarkDavid said...

Hi Vic!

I'm forcing Spring today, though its a long way off, with Bond No. 9 - Nouveau Bowery.

Have a Great One!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic!

Angelique Encens for me today.

Happy Thursday!


greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria! Benefit Maybe Baby today. Have a lovely Thursday, all!

Giselle R. said...

New Haarlem, Today.

Shannon said...

I'm wearing Jaipur Homme today. So warm, spicy and delicious today! This was maybe my first men's fragrance but still my favorite. (I don't even let my hsuband wear it, I want to keep it all for myself!)

Victoria said...

Thank you all for stopping by!

Cara, I love that one too, I bought it on my last trip to Europe. LOvely!

Aryse, Tabac smells great on men, love it!

Besotted, wow you got your hot little hands on it! It's masculine though, right? too much for me, I wonder?

Hi Chaya, you smell delish girl!!

Madelyn, thank you for that news, relief!!!

Hi Mark, I need to wear my Bonds soon, New York Fling is very spring for me.

Hey Dawn, I need to retry that one, one of these day since you love it so.

Greeneyes you and Katie got me jonesing for that Maybe Baby, gotta score some!

HI Giselle, another Bond person today, nice choice!

Hi Shannon, I'm sure it's lovely on you my dear, thank sfor stopping by!