Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mandorlo di Sicilia - Acqua di Parma - Review

Mandorlo di Sicilia - from Acqua di Parma. Mandorlo Di Sicilia or Sicilian Almond, is a unisex fragrance from this company's best selling Blu Mediterraneo Spa Range. Funny thing is, I don't smell any almonds, to me this is a Root Beer float. Delicious and creamy. Somehow the notes in this one merge together into a fizzy root beer effect that is dazzling. The drydown is a creamy smooth vanilla. Being an EDT it is not terribly long lasting in its full lush stage, but the vanilla drydown does hang around awhile. Touch ups during the day are a treat for the senses, so take it along with you.

If one closes one's eyes and slowly analyzes the notes you will find a hint of jasmine weaving in and about the star anise. An ever so slight citrusy edge and a creamy vanilla base. I don't detect the musk at all, but my friend spotted it right away.

Whether you find this smells exactly of root beer, or smell the floral vanilla compilation, either way be forewarned; this scent is highly addictive.

Bergamot, Star Anise, Jasmine, Green Almond, White Peach, White Cedarwood, Musk, Vanilla, Coffee.

You can find this one by clicking here for the Mandorlo di Sicilia page. Or by going to the Fragrances & More website where you can browse for other fine fragrances.


Cara said...

Hello everyone,

I love, love, love Mandorlo di Sicilia!

Have a nice day!


chaya ruchama said...

A delight, but, oh ! so fleeting.
Nice review, V !

besotted said...

Hi Vic, I received a samp of this with my Anne Pliska purchase, and your excellent review has enticed me to give it a whirl. Great job, m'dear!

katiedid said...

Gah, now I have to go on a treasure hunt through my purse to find where I put my sample of this. If it's conjuring up connoations of root beer float, I HAVE to revisit. Fizzy and creamy, good lord!

Victoria said...

This is one that once you fall for it, you will find yourself craving it. :O)