Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Island Hawaii - Michael Kors - Review

Island Hawaii is a limited edition scent following in the footsteps of the best selling Island Fiji that completely sold out within a month of its April 2006 launch. From my testing so far, I have a feeling this one will sell out too.

The opening is a very juicy orange blast. I don't get any of the pineapple that is listed as there, but it is bright and juicy. The way the orange notes then fade into the orange flower and jasmine mid notes keep it from feeling like a fruity floral. It feels a little soapy during this transition, but that doesn't last long.

Soon the mid notes evolve completely, becoming lush and creamy, the jasmine just beautiful. The drydown keeps the jasmine, softer now and joined with a light ambery sandalwood. Really a beautiful scent, I much prefer this to Island or Fiji, in fact I'll be adding this to my next shopping list.

As the ad says, it is quite luminous.

According to Fashiontribes Daily: Hawaii was "Developed jointly by International Flavors & Fragrances and Trudi Loren, vice president of corporate fragrance development worldwide for Aramis and Designer Fragrances, the fragrance breaks down as follows:

TOP NOTES: clementine, juicy orange, hydroponic pineapple & neroli
HEART: orange flower, jasmine sambac & Hawaiian ginger lily
DRYDOWN: white amber, creamy sandalwood & balsamic notes"

And I hear there is a matching lip gloss balm ($12) in juicy orange coming soon!

Hawaii is available at: Nordstrom


MarkDavid said...

Hydroponic Pineapple? Pineapple grown in water. Why is that different than any other pineapple? Well, at any rate, It actually doesn't sound that bad, and the bottle's pleasant to look at. I'll have to get over and sniff this one soon, then.

Thanks for this, V.
Have a Great day, love.


The Reekly Reader said...

I love this scent--I got samples from Lord& Taylor lady.
It smells SO good! I also love the old Wine smellin Michael Kors, and Tahiti.

Jennifer said...

Like you so far this is the only Island scent that I like. What really attracted me to it was bursting neroli opening. It really is gorgeous.

The non-blonde said...

Sounds interesting enough, but I have a full bottle of fiji that I haven't touched since last year, so maybe I'm over Michael Kors.

ladyjicky said...

Hello Victoria. Well if this comes to Australia I shall have a sniff but I do not like those big square bottles - difficult to hold onto with my small paws! LOL

Victoria said...

Thank you all for stopping by!

Non-blond - this one is better than Fiji. :O)

Lady jicky, oh you could manage, it's lovely!

Weekly Reader - Love that original KORS!!

Makr, I can't smell the fancy pineapple anyway! All that work for nothing, LOL.

Jennifer, I totally agree, it's so bright and juicy!

Heikke said...

sounds yummy and the also have a lipbalm,cool