Monday, January 15, 2007

The Beauty Of It All

Sometimes in this world of fragrance, we fragrance bloggers are caught by a shiny object in the cosmetic aisle. Mostly though, we hurry past on our way to fragrances meaning to stop by "after", but "after" we are tired and bleary eyed and usually well ... broke.

So when the Best of 2006 came around, it was nice to sit back and really check out the wonderful Beauty Blogs out there and to make some new friends. I went slowly down the list and read more than just the Best Of - I had a look around.

Not on the Best of list, but on Kristin's Beauty Addict Blog page, I found the Sedu Ultrasilent Dryer. Ok people, $129 for a hair dryer? Yet, a little voice said - hey, she knows what she's talking about. And quiet, for what price would I pay for quiet? Besides it's on sale and I have some Paypal credit built up - splurge. And splurge I did. Shhhhh ... can you hear me drying my hair in the morning? Neither can I, I almost can fall back to sleep. Almost. At least the transition into daylight isn't as jarring, and that is well ... simply worth it.

I wish I had time to research all the blogs and tell you the names and links but that would take forever. So I will just have to shout out a big thank you, and you know who you are, to the bloggers who recommended the following:

Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil - wow this stuff is amazing. I have the FlavorSplash Raspberry and I am considering stock options. I never want to be without this stuff - fabulous!

While looking for the Aquafina, I stumbled upon Mug Root Beer Whipped Lip Gloss. I'm so happy. Truly. It was like finding Secret De Venus Parfum Oil at a yard sale for $2.00.

Neal's Yard Frankincense Nourishing Cream - Well I've just started on it and I have to say, I'm liking it so far. The cream I was using left a couple of dry patches that are gone now.

Secret Vanilla Sparkle - I've been pretty stocked up on deodorants so I haven't been looking at the aisles lately. Wow, this stuff is delish. When I saw the Secret display I reached for the berry one first, it was very nice and I was about to put it in my basket well till ... I tried the vanilla. Wow.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil - I had to send off to Europe to find samples of this stuff, and I'm glad I did. With my Fresh Rice Powder Face Wash now discontinued, I need a replacement that is non-drying and leaves my skin soft.

Teavana Pear Luna - I now have a new 2nd favorite White Tea.

Oh and since Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum was mentioned, I thought I might as well plug his jasmine shampoo and conditioner. Quite pricey but if you use it only on the weekends, maybe you can rationalize the expense as mandatory rotation. You know you do need to switch to avoid buildup? That is the perfect excuse. This stuff is jasmine perfection. I have been using the Jasmine Oil Serum for awhile now and the scent is just lovely. After I rub it through my hair, I rub the excess on my arms. I tell you it's like perfume oil. My regular shampoo and conditioner is Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Shampoo, I buy it in the large sizes from The scent is like vanilla cake batter. I can't believe I now have two favorite shampoos!

Next up - Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances - I think I'll keep this little secret to myself for now, my reviews of these products to follow shortly.

Were there mistakes? Yes - Lancome Fatale Comb Mascara. Holy Cow, I'll leave this one to the experts. My eyes looked liked giant spider legs, and not your average house spider - tarantula legs. I'll stick with my Blinc Kiss Me Mascara, I can handle spider legs in the sink, but I'm not fond of how they look on my eyes.

So what about you guys? Any new discoveries?


The Scented Salamander said...

Just wanted to comment on the Fatale Mascara. It does do the job, oh yes, LOL! But it is definitely showy and I think should be best used for going out in the evenings, if you like a more discreet look.

Victoria said...

Well I can see that, your are right it would be great for evenings. For me. Or I may try to wipe a bit off the wand first. :O)

Flora said...

Well, I found a LOT of good stuff, but I have not tried much yet. Too overwhelming! I did visit zillions of sites, both other blogs and shopping sites. The one thing I did do after hearing a lot about it lately was to invest in a brow corrector to fill in while I grow out some overzealously plucked areas. It came with a handy gel applicator on the other end too (Revlon) but the gel is also brown, and I was thinking that it was clear, and I don't need both the corrector and the gel to be colored or I will look like Cruella de Vil, so I am now on the lookout for a nice clear brow gel that's not too stiff.

I am also thinking about a really top notch mascara among the raved-about brands but I never wear it except on special occasions - thinking of more often but I don't want to overdo it at my age, as much as I like the look. I already tried some new techniques recently and I don't want to frighten the horses.

I MUST try both those shampoos you mentioned though - you ca nnever have enough great-smelling hair stuff!

Victoria said...

Hi FLora, Well I did also buy a brow kit, I bought the one from Tarte at Sephora. I have thin brows and I felt the templates were still too big for me. But I like the wax and the light color brown powder and it has a nice clear gel, although tiny.
PS Both sampoos & conditioners are sooo nice, but the Faikkai really works great too.