Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Garden Trilogie - The Different Company - Review

Well I managed to get my hands on ample spray samples of all three of these at once, I was very excited. Now after trying them, I am less excited. Two of my favorite fragrances come from this line; Divine Bergamot and Jasmin de Nuit, so I had hopes for at least one of the new three. According to the website, "A new trilogie created by Celine Ellena, an enchanting trip in magic gardens." I'm not so sure there is anything magical or gardenesque about the first one at least: Sens et Bois.

- Sens et Bois -
Just for humor's sake I thought I'd include the very poor automatic free translation from the French website description - "Feels and Drinks evokes the refinement of the China Cedar associated to the Madagascar pepper. A unique olfactory experience and all in elegance." Well this one is Wood. Wood and Pepper. Below I found more notes, but essentially all you get is wood and pepper. I find it lacking depth and frankly I don't care to smell like wood. Strong wood is not a favorite note, and smelling like wood is not something that appeals to me. And if, just if, I wanted to smell like wood, this would not be the one I'd choose. I get the feeling if one were to wear this to a party, guests might ask if you are doing a room addition.

Notes: White violet, cedar, pepper, ginger, elemi, patchouli, incense

- Charmes et Feuilles -
Free translation - "Charm and Leaves opens us the harbors of a new olfactory environment. Peppered mint, sage and marjolaine compose this perfumed bouquets, promise of a generous spring." Ok, well the opening reminds me of Vick's Vaporub combined with The Body Shop's Satsuma. After that initial very vivid realization and trip down memory lane, it begins to soften into a kitcheny herbal scent that might be interesting on a Spring day if you had a decant. Sharp, minty, herbal.

Notes: Marjoram, peppermint, sambac jasmine, sage, clementine

- Ailleurs et Fleurs -
The bad translation - "Elsewhere and Flowers talks about us the softness of the associated neroli to the exhuberance of the tubereuse. An excessive emotion, a garden of soft and voluptuous flowers." A nice combination of neroli and tangerine make this one quite wearable but otherwise unremarkable. Slightly indolic, warm, close to the skin.

Notes: Neroli, tangerine, tuberose, black elder flowers, star anise, musk, plum, hazel tree blossom


Flora said...

That is too bad that they are not up to the level of prior releases - I also love the Divine Bergamote and one would expect that other green/herbal fragrances from this line would be equally wonderful. (I have not tried the Jasmin de Nuit, but I do have a sample of the Osmanthus, which I adore.)

chaya ruchama said...

Woops !

Guess you're not enamored of these, huh?
Well, that saves me some of the trouble...

Thank you, Miss V !

Hope your day is glorious- at the very least, you smell GREAT...

The non-blonde said...

I'm all for wood, but not the Home Depot version of it. Yuck. And Vick's Vaporub... What can be more glamorous? Looks like I can safely ignore those three.

Victoria said...

Hi FLora, or I forgot Osmanthus, yes I love that one too. :O)

Victoria said...

Hi Chaya, oops, I guess my reviews did sound a little harsh. They aren't all that bad, well except the wood one. LOL

Victoria said...

Hi Non-blond, nice to see you! Yes, and the Vick's Vaporub was the best of the three. LOL