Monday, January 29, 2007

Scent of the Day - Monday - 01/29/07

Hello my friends, it is Monday! I am home today just testing so scents. What are you wearing?


besotted said...

Good morning Vic, today it's Samsara edp for me. Staying home and testing frags - can't think of a better way to spend a Monday!! Good for you! Enjoy m'dear,

chaya ruchama said...

I fully intended to go LHB- but I wound up with Armani Prive's Ambre Soie- very soft and anise-y on top note.
[Eagerly awaiting my Rykiel for Women,not for men- and my Caron Bain de Champagne, should come today...]

Wish we could drink tea, sniff, and bake...
Maybe curl up with pets, and watch old movies [like 'Gaslight' ]together today...

Oh, well.
The thought, in and of itself, is rather lovely, no?

Enjoy yourself !

Madelyn E said...

Dear V and Chaya too ,
I am home too,, but still sick with la grippe !! Chaya would I love to be with you .. I love to bake tea breads ( in a bundt pan mostly )drink exotic teas , sniff fragrances, talk , laugh and watch old movies. When I get around to taking a shower I will probably wear Joy !
Madelyn E

anna said...

Hi, Victoria,
I have the Dr. Hauschka Body Wash Fresh. Also the Macadamia and Orange hair shampoo from the same line. I purchased both from the health food store. So far i like them.
Also a favorite is Kobe shampoo and the conditioner from Japan. Is sold in Planet Blue in Malibu. It was also sold along with many Japanese products in Clarisse Beauty Supply but they closed down.
I should also try the beauty supply store in Santa Monica.
Little Tokyo is a far car drive for me, is located around downtown Los Angeles and is a good 45 min. drive. , but once there is fun, so many things to see, and i love to go there.

Coco from Chanel today(a gift from my son). ( I did not know Coco came in a bath gel also).
Enjoy your day Victoria.
and all of you also.

Heikke said...

Kobe shampoo??Tell me more,please
For me Rykiel Woman today again

greeneyes said...

Hello All! I forgot to wear perfume again today! I hope this isn't becoming a bad Monday habit. I thought I'd stop by and comfort myself by knowing at least a few people in the world smell nice today. :-)

Victoria said...

Hello all, I am feel so unmotived today. I would love nothing more than to have you all over for some tea and perfume sniffing!

anna said...

Kobe shampoo was used by Bernard at Clarisse Salon in Malibu.
It's sold only at Planet Blue in Malibu as far as i know.
It was Bernard who recommended the shampoo to me.
Bernard is a fan of Japanese products.

Victoria said...

I looked around and didn't really see it anywhere locally or online.

anna said...

I found it , the full name of the shampoo is " Real Komenuka Hair Shampoo" and the area is produced is Kobe Japan.
I am sure it can be found on line.
Now that i have the full name which i did not have because my bottle of shampoo only has Kobe shampoo name.
thanks again