Tuesday, January 02, 2007

L'Inspiratrice - Divine - Review

The opening is chaos. Notes fighting for dominance; rose, powder notes, vetiver fighting with bergamot ... chaos. And the slight impression of heliotrope, trying to punch through. All vying for the top position. To quote Legerdenez Blog, "Something effervescent, boozy and bohemian." To that description I agree - there is a little Velvet Rope in there, a mixed with Teint de Neige, dash of LV Musk too. And yet somehow there is a calm that arises out of the confusion, a smooth powdered rose, along the lines of Fifi Chachnil, with a tobacco impression. Again I use the word impression, because I don't see the note listed but the impression is there. Very unique, definitely divine.

Oh and is not the ruby colored falcon lovely? I hope it comes soon to LuckyScent, in the meantime you can order from the Parfums Divine Website in France. Below is an open letter from the Divine website announcing this new release. Written by the perfumer, I found it so charming as to include it here:

Chère Madame,

I am pleased to annouce the unveilling of the sixth member of the D I V I N E world. I have called it
L ' i n s p i r a t r i c e, as it illuminates all those who enter its sphere.

L ' i n s p i r a t r i c e is a lofty meeting betwen patchouli and the rose. To welcome and celebrate this royal couple, notes both floral and gentle intermingle throughout the entire chord : ylang from the Comoros and bergamot from Calabria, peony and white musk, vetiver blended with vanilla and tonka bean. Beware ! Sensuality is in the air !

Will L ' i n s p i r a t r i c e cast a spell on you too ?

Très cordialement.
Yvon Mouchel
créateur de Divine


Tondo Rotondo said...

Curious blog: great job!

kewart said...

Lovely review Victoria.

I have tried 5 samples from Divine and enjoy L'Infante the most.