Friday, April 13, 2007

Reverie au jardin - Tauer Perfumes - Review

I will start by saying lavender is not my thing. So as much as I appreciate Andy Tauer's craftsmanship, I was scared this would be very un-me. But on the contrary, this is very me. On my skin the lavender make the briefest of appearances then runs for the hills. Suddenly the iris bursts forth in powdery blooms. It is beautiful, warm and sexy. The powdery softness with a hint of rose makes one think of well-clad dressing tables of yore, with their rose water in bottles and round canisters of finely milled powders.

I get a soapy, clean, powdery presence with glimpses of florals that float in and out. As if your bathroom opened on to your garden, and you could lay in the tub with full view to your garden, the summer breeze blowing in the delicate wisps of scents. A lovely daydream.

It does lay close to the skin and reminds one more of clean soap and powdered skin, rather than something sprayed on the skin. Well done Andy, when you seduce, you do it masterfully. I am quite in love.

The perfumer, Andy Tauer says, "I love lavender, in all its facets ranging from herbaceous, spicy green notes to sweet, clean flowers and woody, vibrant chords. I wanted to create a fragrance that captures this complexity and transform it into a perfume. A perfume that melts into the skin, and makes me dream of green lands and twinkling stars. The notesThe head notes are very green and fresh- lavender (high altitude mountain lavender from France, galbanum and fir balm with bergamot and rose absolute from Bulgaria softening the herbaceous lavender. They lead over to a musky, fresh heart note (frankincense from India and ambrette seeds) with a woody and flowery orris line.The body note is the most complex part of the scent, being a soft, and airy wood accord (vetiver, tonka beans, oakmoss). Hints of vanilla and ambergris, sandalwood and cedar wood play into a balsamic tone that seems to last for ever."

With any luck I will be able to meet with Andy when he comes to the Scent Bar in Los Angeles, and I am very much looking forward to that! Click here for more information on that event: Scent Bar

At this time Reverie au jardin is available for Pre-Order at Lucky Scent.

Photos: Tauer Perfumes, Better Homes and Gardens


Arhianrad said...

Lovely review, Ms. Victoria!

Anonymous said...

I love the review, thanks Victoria.
anna L

TMH256 said...

Oh, that sounds lovely Victoria! What a great review. I must get my hands on some now.

The non-blonde said...

I plan on being in the Brooklyn launch this Saturday. I adore Andy's work and looking forward to this one. The only question is who is going to wear this one better: my husband or me?

tmp00 said...

Great review Victoria:

I am falling for this one as well...

Do you get a lot of incense in the middle? I do and it's wonderful...